As much as we love the bright & bold, Fall collections are always are favourite. Essie has totally kicked it up a notch this year, the last 6 collections or so have been so on point, different and amazing all in one. The Fall Stylenomics collection definitely keeps up with this trend. The Fall line keeps it simple and classic with some great strong colours, introducing some shades that are bound to be season repeats.

Miss Fancy Pants – we were instantly drawn to this shade, described as a ‘chic greige’ we felt it looked sort of like putty, is one of those neutrals that isn’t boring. We love a good neutral for the Fall, especially one that sort of breaks away from the norm. This polish applied evenly with 3 coats with no visible nail line. If you’re a big neutral fan you’ll love the slight variation from the others currently on the market.

Recessionista – our absolute favourite of the collection! This polish is a magenta/plum colour that we ended up wearing for the week, just couldn’t stop staring at it. The bottle is a little one the maroon looking side, but the polish has a more deep purple when dried.  Out of all the polish we own, our biggest collection is the dark red/plum polishes & we were so happy to find a new favourite. If you’re like us this colour is for you & a definte must-have for the Fall.  This shade applied evenly with just two coats.

Stylenomics – we are huge fans of Essie’s Incognito & couldn’t wait to give this one a try. It is a very dark shade, when dried it almost looked black – this obviously means we liked it (#loveblackpolish). This colour applied evenly with 1 coat, we did a quick second so there were no see-through issue in the light – an issue with darker shades.

Head Mistress – this bold red is a classic Fall shade for all the red-aholics. This shade applied evenly with only 2 coats, with only a tad bit of visible nail line showing through. One can never have too many classic red shades!

Don’t Sweater It – another great neutral! This polish was more grey with a brownish hue to it. It’s described as a ‘war & cozy mauve’. Again, we love neutrals & loved this shade, it’s a great colour for a base & perfect right now to pair with a bright neon shade for some nail art.

Skirting the Issue – this burgundy shade had a smooth velvet like quality to it, also fitting into our dark red/plum obsession. This colour dried like a deep red wine, only needing 2 coats for full coverage. This red almost has a blueish undertone and applied almost like a blush tint (if that makes sense) – it took 3 coats for complete coverage & was a tad tricky with the application.

Another great collection from Essie. We had the chance to preview Essie’s upcoming collection, some of them didn’t even have names yet! We have to tell you first hand that it is absolutely beautiful & we can’t wait to show you those shades too. So, it looks like Essie is staying consistent with awesome collections. We love how this Fall collection stays true to a classic Fall line but spends time perfecting the deep red & plum vs. trying to add a new Fall shade (ie. burnt orange, deep brown). If you’re a fan of Fall shades you’ll want to check out this collection! What do you think of Essie’s Stylenomics Fall collection? Follow @Essie_Canada & @PolishyouPrettyon Twitter & let us know! The Stylenomics collection will be in stores this September, available at your local beauty supply store for $9.99.

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. peppersasen says:

    Miss Fancy Pants is a lot like Essie’s Chinchilly.

  2. Loving the grey. I just did the black about yesterday.

  3. All of these are beautiful! I’m ready for fall nail polish colors. I agree about the Chinchilly similarity. Is Don’t Sweater It more brown than Merino Cool. Merino cool seems a little more purple based.

  4. I love the ‘war & cozy mauve’! Great way to do neutral. x

  5. jennifer says:

    how close would u say essie marino cool is to dont sweater it?

  6. Barbara says:

    Love your blog! I don’t own any taupes, but want to get one . Do you know what the difference is between Miss Fancy Pants and OPI Berlin there Done?Thanks!

  7. Such gorgeous shades, I want Styleonomics!

  8. beachgal12 says:

    I am sure I have dupes for most all these or very close cousins. When shades get into the deep hues like this and I end up grabbing a shade that is close to one I have, no one else but me knows I have a different polish shade on but my own self…so I am watching now what I buy. I think many of us when nuts getting a ton of taupy grays when they hit hard…and I have ’em now in the purple lean as well as the brown lean…so I don’t even look at those shades anymore – have far too many. I do like Styleonomics here. Being a red-aholic I like this red. Skirting the issue is nice but might be one of ‘those’ I cannot pull off well because of the brownish red pulling my skin tone into an icky range.

  9. Kristin says:

    You have Recessionista and Skirting the Issue mixed up. Skirting the Issue is the burgundy jelly, and Recessionista is the plum creme.

  10. Such beautiful swatches! Love your blog! Can’t wait to get my hands on Stylenomics and Recessionista!

  11. Chicutopia says:

    Lovely fall collection! Is Skirting the Issue similar to Essie Bordeaux?

  12. hibameitham says:

    Reblogged this on LittleLady and commented:
    I thought these colours are wow!

  13. Marcela V says:

    How similar is Recessionista to Essie’s Lacy Not Racy?

    Thank you

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