We sure have been busy bees! Yesterday we filmed a segment for Much Music New Music Live that will air next week, where we talk about Hunger Games nail art (stay tuned) & we today we are attending a Q&A session with Essie Weingarten herself! Talk about excitement overload! So, today we keep the post sweet & simple.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, we recommend Orly – Bonder, paint nails with 2 coats of Papaya Punch. Talk about being appropriately named – this colour is extremely bright! We picked it up on a whim & we’re so glad we did. The neon orange shade has a nice yellow undertone to give it a papaya look, and applied evenly becoming fully opaque with 2 coats.

Step 2: Once your base colour has completely dried, using black stripe tape, overlap two pieces to bring to a point at the tip of the nail – creating a triangle shape. Repeat this step on all of your nails, making sure the tape is secure. Once you have your lines where you’d like, paint over the whole nail with 2 coats of Chick Nail Polish – Gr8 Gray Owl (We are big fans of this colour, see here).

Step 3: Once the polish is completely dry, peel off the black stripe tape in the opposite order it was placed, creating straight even lines. It’s hard not to get too anxious (see – our pinky finger :S). Seal in the design with Seche Vite top coat & there you go!

This nail art is very easy & great for beginners – as long as you have a little more time to wait between dry times. You can substitute any of the colours to create a different look – black & neon, multicolour, glitter, etc. This design reminds us of our laser mani a few months back, see here. Also, stay connected with us through the week to see the fun things we are up to – fingers crossed we get a good Essie picture, wish us luck!

  1. Love these! Check out our nail art today: Birthday inspired cupcake nails!


  2. Chloe says:

    Where did you guys pick up that nail tape!?

  3. Hey, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say I had a great visit.

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