Pretty in pink,…or lavender in this case. The “lazer manicure” is good for the person trying to do something a little different looking with their nails, so we gave it a try and found a way to add glitter (of course). The technique to this nail art is fairly easy, the only drawback is the time it takes – because you are working with multiple layers, so pop in Titanic & get to work. OPI’s Holiday Burlesque collection was an amazing multi-coloured glitter line, & is often found discounted at local beauty supply stores – keep your eyes open!

Step 1: After applying base coat, paint nails with two coats of OPI – Lucky Lucky Lavender, a perfect pinky/purple-hued pastel. This colour always applies so evenly, you can make do with one coat, but two for best results.

Step 2: Once base colour is completely dry, cut strips of scotch tape into thin lines. If you do this step too quickly and the base colour is not completely dry it will peel off at the end, which is super frustrating after waiting Titanic hours to complete. Place strips over nails intersecting with each other – we like to place approx. 3 strips per nail arranging them differently on each nail.

Step 3: Once strips are secure around edges of nails, paint over top of nails and strips OPI – Show It & Glow It! – a purple based glitter with silver, green, blues sparkle hints – LOVE this glitter! Let glitter dry on top of paint strips.

When glitter has completely dried over tape strips, slowly remove 3 tape pieces – try to remove the strips in reverse order from which they were placed for even, straight lines. Apply top coat to complete the look. This is such easy nail art and can be done with different combinations of colours – neon & nude,glow in the dark & black, matte & shiny, glitter & glitter, etc. When it comes to the Scotch tape, with our experience better quality tape works best, as cheaper tape can leave glue marks and not pull in even lines. Try the lazer manicure when you’ve got a little extra time & you will not be disappointed with the results!

  1. superqueen says:

    This is awesome and it actually looks easy to do! I want to try it as soon as possible, maybe with a different colour combination 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. lewis162 says:

    Do you have any tips for using tape whenever I try something with tape my tape just takes off nailpolish and ruins my nails

    • Make sure the first layer is completely dry – sometimes we’ll use a quick dry top coat between each layer. Wait longer then you think you should. And when pulling the tape, pull in the direction of the design to create a smooth line.

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