The Priti NYC Spring 2013 Sherbet Collection consists of 4 beautiful floral inspired shades packed with light iridescent shimmers. These shades screamed ‘Spring’ to us as soon as we opened the box. The bright pops of colour have a muted feel, and the shimmer is the icing on the cake!

Belle Courtisane: This polish leans toward the lavender side. The shimmer shines a light green/blue hue – creating a beautiful glow in direct sunlight. This polish was on the sheer side. We used 3 coats for the pictures below & still had VNL. We think this polish might work better overtop of a flat lavender shade. This polish reminded us of a colour you might find in a bridal collection – perfect for a bride or bridesmaid this Spring/Summer.IMG_1064IMG_1066

Happy Wanderer:  We love a good periwinkle. We are huge blue polish fans & find it tough to find a purple polish that works with our skin tone. Periwinkle is the perfect combination. This polish is not quite a full sheer – it had a jelly like formula. We used 3 coats for the pictures below, there is a very faint VNL poking through. We loved the faint pink shimmer in this polish.IMG_1072IMG_1075

Mermaid Rose: A light sunshine yellow shade, this polish is perfect for brighter days. It reminded us of a sheer Chanel – Mimosa. We used 4 coats of the pictures below & still had VNL. This polish applies like a lthicker jelly formula. It was extremely sheer, it would work best over top of a medium yellow shade. We love the pink/orange shimmer in this polish, a fun twist on a classic shade. IMG_1055IMG_1060

Remember Me Rose: A perfect summer creamsicle shade. This colour was our favourite of the collection. Not as sheer as the others, we used 3 coats for full coverage in the photos below. We love how the silver himmer popped against the orange polish!IMG_1045IMG_1050

What do you think of the Priti NYC Sherbet Collection? Would you purchase any? Tweet us @PritiNYC + @PolishYouPretty your thoughts! The Priti NYC Sherbet Collection polishes are available now for $13.50/bottle. The complete set can be purchased for $39.99 {here}.

Sidenote: If you haven’t tried Priti NYC’s Soy Nail Polish remover wipes, you need to ASAP. They are a serious game changer. Perfect for travel or to toss into your purse. Packed with essential oils, they don’t make our nails dry & have a more pleasant smell than classic acetone. 

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. Ah…Priti…it’s unchartered territory for me. I hesitate to open that can of worms. LOL. Pretty swatches!

  2. I’ve never tried any Priti NYC’s products but I did order some of they’re soy nail varnish remover, and I’m waiting for it to arrive atm, so excited! They’re nail warning colours look gorgeous too xo

  3. christinadanielle says:

    Reblogged this on Sew Stylish and commented:
    I want every color.. I’m loving these floral shades!

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