A classic mannequin hand never goes out of style. Finding the right nude is important & sometimes challenging, but Butter London’s Starkers collection helps with all of the guess work. For those looking for an au naturale look, the Starkers Collection features 3 nudes polishs & 3 Lippy glosses for an all-over perfect nude hue.

Did we mention the Starkers Collection was also featured on one of our absolute favourite websites?! If Gwyneth Paltrow approves, we approve. IMG_1037

Shandy: We are both a little on the pale side, so we gravitated towards this shade. This polish is a opaque, light apricot creme shade. We needed 3 coats of the swatches below. Turns out we’re not as pale as we thought – yay!IMG_1007IMG_1010

Crumpet: Now this is our perfect mannequin hands shade! This polish is an opaque, warm light caramel shade …with the cutest name! We always love BL’s names! We barely needed 2 coats for the swatches below. This polish has great coverage for a lighter based nude!IMG_1014IMG_1017

Tea & Toast: Dreaming of a beach. Tea & Toast is a rich, creme tan shade that barely needed 2 coats for full coverage. This shade is a little harsh against are paler skin tones, but would be perfect for someone that isn’t afraid of the sun!IMG_1023IMG_1028

All 3 polishes has amazing coverage for nudes shades. We consistently love the Butter London formula, not only is it great for coverage by the creme formula is wonderful for nail art. All 3 Starkers collection shades were featured on the New York A/W runway for La Perla – oh la la.

Butter London has been releasing matching Lippy lip glosses to their popular nail lacquer shades.What an adorable gift to give someone. We flew through our La Moss (a vampy, oxblood shade) polish & Lippy this winter with the dark lip trend.IMG_1034

  • Shandy polish = Lippy Hen Party (Sheer, neutral opal iridescent lip gloss)
  • Crumpet polish = Lippy Tea with the Queen (Peachy tan liquid lipstick)
  • Tea & Toast = Lippy The Old Bill (Sheer, shimmering bronze gloss)

What do you think of Butter London’s Starkers collection? Which shades would you purchase? Tweet us @butterLONDON &@PolishYouPretty & tell us your thoughts! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: @PolishYouPretty @butterLONDON!  butter LONDON is available now – Nail Lacquer $17 & Lippy $20 CAD.

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.


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