• Check out all these lovely lavender shades for Spring! (Stylelist Canada)
  • Textured nail art is where it’s at…just ask us! (Huffington Post)
  • YSL to release a ‘Tie & Dye’ nail polish line. Um….this is seriously to ‘dye’ for! (Elle)
  • Get to know nail genius Typhaine Kersual and steal some of her nail tips. (Elle)
  • We all want long looking nails – here’s how to get them! (Bella Sugar)
  • We love a good pedicure, but we just don’t understand the appeal of these… (Refinery29)
  • Glennis knows where it’s at – no more cuticle cutters! (xoVain)
  • This post makes us wonder what the story of our life would look like if it were told through nail polish shades. (TheGloss)
  • Do you subscribe to any of these monthly nail polish subscriptions? We’d love to hear which ones are your favourite! (Fashionista)
  • What do you think about Orly’s new look? (Bella Sugar)
  • We know Easter is over, but next year we are totally egg marbling! (Henry Happened)

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