Happy Friday readers! We are so excited to share today’s post with you. If you follow us on Instagram then you probably know we attended a Revlon event on Wednesday night where we got to play with any and all of their amazing nail art collections. Oh, and did we mention that we finally got to meet THE Leeanne Colley of Tips Nail Bar?! We were so honored to be invited to this event and loved meeting some of our fellow Toronto nail bloggers – boy, do they have skill!

We arrived to Tips Nail Bar where we were greeted by the wonderful Revlon team along with Leeanne Colley – the owner of Tips Nail Bar and nail art legend! If you don’t know about Leeanne, you might recognize some of her work as it has been featured on the cover of some pretty impressive magazines along with some of the most exclusive runways – her work is absolutely amazing and we totally get why she has been chosen as the Revlon nail expert for Canada.

Revlon could not have been better nail party hosts! They welcomed us with a package containing a few nail care essentials – care tools along with base and top coats. We were in LOVE with the new revlon 6-in-1 nail file that allows you to peel away file layers as you dull them out – an instant essential for any nail polish addict! Once our nails were clean and prepped, we started polishing our nails pretty with the Revlon Nail Art collections. Revlon nail art comes in three collections, all with dual colours/brushes. We’ve included a description of each below. We honestly think these are perect for beginner to advanced nail artists – we highly recommend you give them a try!

Neon –  Includes a white polish along with all your essential neon shades. Both brushes are full size as the white polish is meant to be used as a base coat – all neons give an extra pop when you use a white shade as the base coat. The Neon collection include 10 shades ranging from your classic yellow to a vibrant teal.

Expressionist – Includes two shades, and two brush sizes. The shade with the larger brush size is meant to be used as a base and the opposing colour for nail art as it has a striper brush! We have to admit that we were a little skeptical about this striper brush, but we think it’s the best we’ve seen. The Expressionist collection comes in 6  different combinations.

Moon Candy – Includes one base shade and one complimenting glitter, both with large brushes. We’ve seen a lot of glitter top coats out there with this effect, however we have to admit that the way Revlon paired these colours and glitters leaves us with a result that we haven’t seen before. These things are awesome! The Moon Candy collection comes in 11 different combinations.







  1. myfetchworld says:

    Beautiful, please visit my blog 🙂

  2. Nauru says:

    Keep working ,fantastic job!

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