We can’t think of the last time a makeup collaboration made us so excited! Counting down the days till it’s release, googling for some sneak peaks – we could not wait to get our hands on the adorable packaging! The MAC Archie’s Girls collection has now officially hit stores. Are you a Veronica – warm, deep shades with some edge. Or are you a Betty – soft, pale palettes that are sweet as pie.

There are four nail lacquers in total. Each bottle of MAC Nail Lacquer retails for $17.50 for 0.34fl oz. We have to say we were a tad disappointed because the promo bottles have the girls faces on them, but the actual bottles don’t. That being said, the rest of the packaging is so on-point – adorable & eye-catching. We find ourselves popping back into MAC stores because the displays are so pretty. See the full line here! INTROB

  • Pep Pep Pep – this warm peach nude polish is such a classic Betty shade. Soft, subtle and perfect for everyday wear/any occasion. This polish was a little on the translucent side so we used 4 coats for the pictures below. If you’re looking for an update on a classic nude, this is your shade!B1AB1B
  • Comic Cute – this polish was a bright coral, pink creme – love at first sight. We can’t deny our love for a good pink shade as much as gravitate towards darker hues. This shade is the perfect mink of orangey coral and a classic medium pink. We needed 3 coats for the pictures below, the shade was a little soft so we needed the extra fill. Our favourite from the Betty side!B2AB2B


  • Double Trouble – this polish is a deep, dark navy blue shade with a creme finish. We used 2 coats for the pictures below. This polish applied a little bit lighter than pictured. We thought it would look somewhat like American Apparel – Passport Blue. We were happier is was a bit lighter. It also reminded us of MAC – Spirit of Truth from the Wonder Woman collection.V1AV1B
  • Past Curfew – this deep berry polish was are absolute favourite of the collection! The pictures turned out a little darker than the way it looks in IRL. It’s a bit brighter, more of a medium tone. This polish totally caught us off-guard. It’s totally different than anything else we have in our collections. We barely needed 2 coats for the swatches below. The formula was great with a classic MAC creme finish.V2AV2B

And if you’ve had your eye on some of the MAC Archie’s Girl nail lacquers, or any part of the collection, RUN don’t walk to your closest location! These products are literally flying off the shelves. We learned the hard way 😦

So, are you a Betty or a Veronica? I think we’re leaning a little more Betty way. What shades did you like? Are you picking up any of the MAC Archie’s Girls collection? Tell us your favourite product from the line on Twitter @PolishYou Pretty or Facebook!

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. I really like pep pep pep and the way you described it as an updated take on classic nude… I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re totally right. It has the understated-ness of a nude but with a light peach twist 🙂

  2. Those are so pretty! I love them and I used to love Archie! And I just can’t decide which of the girls I am, lol
    Great post, xo

  3. Double trouble has my name on it! I’m also into the pink Comic Cute polish.

  4. mckinneymini says:

    You got Betty and Veronica confused. The Betty shade are light and cute and the Veronica shades are deep ;-). Also, the formula is absolutely terrible in these polishes. I bought all the Betty ones because I loved the colors and as usual the formula is terrible and streaky. Temptalia explained it better than me on her review.

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