Valentine’s Day already? Every year it seems to creep right up without any notice. We wanted to create a Valentine’s Day nail art tutorial that wasn’t TOO pink/red/hearts, so we added a 3rd accent shade for this design. Check out our Valentine’s Day floral – this can be done with different shades throughout the year!

TopShop Nails nail polish offers perfect coverage, the formula is smooth and easy to apply. The polish also is fast drying, with a lasting glossy wet-look finish – perfect for nail art designs.IMG_0438

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with 2 coats of TopShop Nails – Daydream. This bubblegum pink is the perfect spring/summer shade. We constantly struggle with the perfect pink. Too bright/neon and you’re in the Snooki & JWOWW territory. Too light & you’re in the bridal/boring territory. This polish is fun and bright, great for pairing with the sunshine.LIB1

Step 2: Using a nail art brush paint a 5-point/star shaped flower. Start by painting 5 lines in the shape of a star. For each line add 2 more lines towards the centre, so it becomes more full and flower like. We used TopShop Nails – Dead Ringer for our first flower colour. This bright coral polish is the perfect Valentine’s Day pairing with our bubble gum pink base colour.LIB2

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 using TopShop Nails – Jewel in the Crown. This polish is a deep turquoise, great for fall/winter. We defintely gravitate towards this shade with it’s greeny/blue high gloss finish.LIB3

Step 4: Using TopShop Nails – Daydream, your base colour, paint the middle of the flowers. Use a small dotting tool and paint some scattered polka dots across the background. Don’t forget to seal in your design with a topcoat!IMG_0451

What will you be rockin’ on your nails this Valentine’s Day? Let us know what you think of today’s tutorial on Twitter @PolishYouPretty & Facebook Polish You Pretty! TopShop Nails nail polish is available at TopShop locations & for $10/bottle. Have you tried TopShop Nails before? What is your favourite shade? Follow TopShop on Twitter @TopShop!

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. kirstylskilton says:

    These are so pretty! I definitely need to add a nail art brush to my list of things I need to buy!

  2. Reblogged this on 21empiredesigns and commented:
    So cute!!!! Totally love this!

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