We’d like to thank the freezing cold weather here in Toronto for inspiring today’s post. We have been searching sunny vacations all week long trying to escape the cold and thought that we would share our travel tips when it comes to our nails.


There is nothing worse than getting a new mani before vacation and chipping it on the first day in. If you’re not doing this already, getting your mani in a classic colour that you already own will be a life saver (we suggest a nude or red). Bring this colour with you on vacation so that you can fix any chips yourself.
We are notorious for having the ‘heavy load’ luggage sticker plastered onto all of our bags when traveling. Everything you see above will keep your luggage weight to a minimum without sacrificing your pretty nails! Tiny nail files you can take with you on day trips, single use nail polish remover pads and the cutest mini bottle of Seche vite are on our essential list when travelling.
Oh, and why do we have a sunglass case in this post? PYP secret: we love packing our tiny manicure set and polish in a large sunglass case to avoid spills and to keep things together.  Give it a try!
4 Responses to “PYP TRAVELING NAILS”
  1. Nancy MacDonald says:

    I love this idea!! Thanks girls

  2. I’ve never thought about using a sunglasses case to carry nail polish! I always used a cardboard box … hahaha! I think I might try the case though, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. petasvintageblog says:

    Thank you for the sunglasses case tip! Fab blog xx

  4. such a great idea! definitely using this tip in the future

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