We at Polish You Pretty have always dreamt of having a room dedicated solely to our ever growing nail polish collection. We always say how much we would love of a room with walls and walls of colour coded polishes and a pretty little table for painting our tips. Living in tiny Toronto condos doesn’t exactly allow that to happen, but we’ll keep dreaming.

So now that you have just about a billion nail polish bottles, what do you do with your collection? We’ve been through multiple revisions of polish storage solutions, so we think this makes us experts on this subject. As your collection grows, you’ll have to adjust to new solutions, but we think we’ve covered a good range of options that will fit any collection, tiny to enormous.
1) The Ikea Helmer – This is for the ultimate nail polish entusiast that has a polish collection of 200+. Both of us at PYP use the Helmer to store our bottles and come to think of it, we could both probably use a second one. The Helmer holds about 550+ bottles and is available at Ikea for $40USD.
2) The Nail Polish Wall Mount – This storage solution is perfect for the nail polish addict with about 90 bottles of polish and for someone that wants a put their collection on show. Wall mounts are perfect for viewing your collection at a glance and add a perfect pop of colour to any room (men may not agree). Wall mounts are sold at your local beauty supply store or online for around $30CAD.
3) The Cake Stand – This pretty little thing is perfect for those of you with a makeup table that needs a little pizzaz. This is a gorgeous way to show off your bottles – especially the ones that you use every day. It will hold about 10-15 bottles comfortably and you can find them at a Homesense or Marshalls. #swoon
4) The Hat Box –  A perfect solution for those of you that have a growing collection. You can buy pretty hat boxes to put on show, or utility boxes that can be stored under your bed. If your unsure as to just how big your collection will get (guilty) then this might be the perfect solution for you! You can always add boxes, or take some away.
5) The Nail Polish Stand –  Here is a solution for those of you that want an organized way to store around 20 bottles of polish, but still want them at reach. You often see these polish stands in beauty supply stores displaying the new polish lines. Make friends with your store owners and maybe you’ll get a few for free, but if not, you can find these at your local beauty supply store for around $20.
Happy Friday readers! If you have any other storage solutions please share them with us – we love hearing your feedback!
  1. nchanel says:

    I like the tiered stand.

  2. This is a great post. I spent way too much time evaluating my options. I love my new polish wall made from Ikea cabinet handles. It was cheap and holds 400 bottles (with room to grow)! I won’t link bomb you – but there’s a pic on the the site under “Mani Cave”. 🙂

  3. Amanda S. says:

    I found my perfect storage solution last month! It’s the utility cart in the link below… I use the top drawer for the stuff I use all the time (acetone, cotton pads, top coat, files, etc.), the two middle drawers store polish and the bottom drawer stores my less used items. I love that the baskets are clear so I can see everything and I love being able to store it away in a closet (hey, not ALL guests need to know the extent of my nail polish obsession!)

  4. iantrial says:

    Hey ladies! Have you had any experience with any CDN beauty supply stores that sell wall mounts? Thanks!!

  5. Awh the cake stand is such a clever idea love it!

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