We didn’t really hop on the magnetic nail polish train when it originally started. Maybe because we are lovers of free-hand nail art the striped pattern wasn’t enough. We’ve seen a few collection come and go & never really thought we were missing out, until the Essie Repstyle collection. We were fortunate to get a sneak peek at the collection during World Mastercard Fashion Week here in Toronto. 2 reasons why we were instantly drawn to this collection: 1. the polish colours are beautiful (no surprise as we were huge fans of the Mirror Metallic collection) 2. the magnetic created a snake skin/reptile print on the nails – talk about chic!

There are 6 colours in total ranging from Sssssexy ruby to Crocadilly, a stealthy hunter green. Essie provided 3 simple instructions for the polish – shake bottle well, apply two coats, then immediately use the magnet on the nail while they are still wet. We found these polishes only need 1 coat each. We also found the wetter the polish the more defined the pattern.

Snake it Up – this polish is described as a midnight purple pewter. We found this shade to be more on the navy/blue side than purple. We were absolutely in love with this shade and it is so gorgeous! You can totally wear this polish on it’s own even without the magnet print if you wanted. Because Snake it Up is so dark, we found the magnet application a little tricky – you had a work a little quicker.IMG_0004IMG_0008

Lil’ Boa Peep – guys, these names are adorable (2/2 Essie)! This polish is a stunning hypnotic titanium copper shade. Again, this polish could totally be worn solo and be perfect for the season. The reptile print photographed a little better on the lighter shade. We only used one coat of polish before applying the magnet.IMG_0023IMG_0014

Overall: We think the magnetic polishes work better on shorter nails vs long. Sometimes the magnet didn’t fit our whole nail. We recommend a lighter shade and a brighter different one that stands out for the other magnetic collections. We thought the Essie Repstyle collection was fun & different. A must-have for any nail polish addict.

What do you think of the Essie Repstyle collection? are there any shades you are particularly after? Follow @Essie_Canada & @PolishyouPretty on Twitter & let us know! The Repstyle collection is popping up in now, available at your local beauty supply store for $9.99.

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. boabbyjane says:

    I love this polish! Essie is a great brand and their colours are sweet!

  2. woooahhh! i had soo little faith in these magnetic polishes but the gold one is dope! x

  3. Pri says:

    This line seems kind of villain-y, if that makes sense. How was the staying power of this line?

  4. Been eyeing this in early dec!! Must have!!! Essies polishes are the! 😀

  5. sxpn says:

    Really love your nail blog, check out ours and tell us what you think xo

  6. Love this nail look !

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