Another day, another tutorial for Julep week! This time we wanted to use a different colour combination. It’s hard branching out and finding didn’t shades that both look good & are different from the other tutorials we do. Today’s tutorial is very simple & has a geometric vibe.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with Julep – Jessica. This is such a beautiful Spring shade, a soft robin’s egg pale blue. The polish only needed two coats for full opacity & dried with a smooth finish, perfect for our base colour.

Step 2: From about half way up one side of the nail create a diagonal line across to the opposite side. We used Julep – Rose, a bright true red shade. If you do not feel comfortable free-handing this step, tape off the area you would like painted for nice straight lines.

Step 3: This step is much like Step 2, this time using polka dot rows to cut across the nail. Using Julep – Daisy & a dotting tool begin placing three rows of dots across the nail. Don’t forget to seal in your design with a top coat!

Julep is a fun hand, foot & nail care company with 4 salons in the Seattle area. They also came up with the idea to share their love of nail polish & finding new shades with everyone – for $19.99/month you can receive a package from Julep tailored to your style! You can purchase Julep polish online for $14/bottle here.

This tutorial can be done in a number of colour combinations. We’d love to see an ombre-ish version or one with glitter. Tweet@PolishYouPretty + @JulepMaven & tell us your thoughts of our Paint Splatter tutorial! Check back tomorrow for some more Julep nail art!

  1. haeddre says:

    So cute! going to try this on my toes…

  2. sundays and scarves says:

    You make it look so easy! Love the color combination here.

  3. cuzicoyor says:

    Oh, this looks really nice! I adore those little dots (:

  4. I love this !! 😀

  5. I love this! Its so cute and looks extremely hard bt with lite effort! cant wait to get my nail stuff replenished!

  6. Reblogged this on LeslieLovesNails and commented:
    This look is great, and packs a beautiful punch with only and offset partial-nail second color and some dots! HAVE to try this one!

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