Today marks the first day of Julep Week on Polish You Pretty! We recently received a package from the brand filled with amazing colours, we had to stretch it out for the full week – there’s no way we could pick just a couple. If you follow our site you know our love of floral/flowers, seeing as we haven’t posted one in about 4 weeks we thought it was time. We wanted to create a design that resembled a classic rose but had a little something different.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with 2 coats of Julep – Pippa. Wow – I think we’ve found ourselves a new neutral! This colour went on so smooth and velvety & is a perfect base shade.

Step 2: Using Julep – Robin, a blue based robin’s egg aqua paint non-perfect circles randomly on the nail. Adding little spots beside some of the circles.

Step 3: With a black nail art pen paint petals of the rose around each aqua circle. To get the look to, go outside the aqua and onto the base colour and vice versa, so it doesn’t look so calculated & perfect. Seal in the design with a topcoat!

Julep is a fun hand, foot & nail care company with 4 salons in the Seattle area. They also came up with the idea to share their love of nail polish & finding new shades with everyone – for $19.99/month you can receive a package from Julep tailored to your style! You can purchase Julep polish online for $14/bottle here.

Tweet @PolishYouPretty + @JulepMaven & tell us your thoughts of our Stone Roses tutorial! This design could be done in numerous colour combinations. We think a neutral with a semi-bright is perfect for the summer-fall transition. Happy Monday everyone, we can’t wait to share more with you for Julep Week!

  1. LACQUERLUV says:

    I’m a Julep member, I love this mani

  2. Oh so lovely! What a gorgeous shade of blue!

  3. Cendrillonne says:

    Really nice 🙂

  4. sinalo_mk says:

    Reblogged this on Interant Voyages and commented:
    Easy peasy gorgeous nails! Maybe its time i grew mine

  5. colormeehdope1 says:

    My fav yet

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