We have both been doing a lot of travelling lately & naturally we always pack a couple (10+) polishes to keep us polished pretty wherever we are. From time to time, there is a causality & we now pack our polishes separately, but we have recently been introduced to a product that you can literally throw anywhere (customs approved!). LAQA & CO. Cosmetics has the perfect polish for someone on the go – a polish pen. Now, we have seen a few of these floating around drug stores & were a little on the sceptic side, but LAQA & CO. has restored our faith in polish pens! The pen was super easy to use & the application was great. Fun fact: Laqa & Co. has different artist design the packaging for each colour. Such a cool and interesting concept resulting in some amazing designs! (aka. inspiration for all nail art diy-ers)

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nail with LAQA & CO. polish pen in Pimpin’. We used about 3 coats for full coverage. We love pink shades, so this bright hot pink was right up our alley. It reminds us of a bright raspberry with a cool undertone.

Step 2: We really loved the base colour & wanted to make sure it stood out in the completed design, so we kept our accent colours classic black & white. Using a larger dotting tool begin 2 rows of large dots on an angle from the base, coming from the corner.

Step 3: Complete Step 2 with your black polish, this time with a medium size dotting tool. Repeat again with a smaller dotting tool, going back to your white polish.

Step 4: Finish your last row, ending in the opposite corner from which you started. We used the tiniest dotting tool we had to fill in the last few rows. Don’t forget to seal in your design with a top coat!

LAQA & CO is currently running a great contest where one lucky winner will win the entire Fall line (!!) – head to their Facebook page to read more about the Name your Polish contest & make sure to enter. The contest is running until July 30, so you still have time! The new colours to name can be found on their page. You can always Tweet your names with the hashtag #mypolishpetname.

LAQA & CO. Cosmetics nail polish pens can be purchased here for $15.45 – we’ve got our eye on Squid Ink & Blurple + some Fall no namers! Follow LAQA & CO. Cosmetics on Twitter to see all the exciting things they have for Fall! Sidenote: we are huge fans of their lip pencils, Lampchop is our shade for the summer!

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

3 Responses to “NAIL ART TUTORIAL: LAQA & CO.”
  1. It’s beautiful, I love it! Is there a special dotting tool to get such large dots, none of mine seem to ever be so bold, even the largest ones? Would love to know how you achieve that effect. Thanks for sharing!


    • We bought a set of dotting tools online and there’s about 5 varying sizes. We suggest checking online for a larger sized dotter 🙂

      • Thanks, simple enough (D’OH!!). I have a 5 piece double sided set, but even the largest one doesn’t seem to make bold dots like yours. Will see if I can’t find a bigger one. 🙂

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