‘She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka dot bikini’… this song was the inspiration behind today’s tutorial, obviously! We are still in full beach mode & thought today’s tutorial would be perfect now that Summer is in full swing.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, we recommend CND – Toughen Up, paint nails 2 coats of Zoya – Avery. This shade is great for our skin tone because it gives us ‘mannequin hands’ – which is exactly what we are after for this look! Try to find a base shade that matches your skin tone best for this design.

Step 2: Pick your bikini colours – we used Essie – Cascade Cool, Sally Hansen – Lively Lilac, China Glaze – Secret Peri-winkle & Color Club – Blue-Ming. Begin by creating a line near the base of your nails for the bottom part of the bikini top. Add two triangles to the top of the line plus the halter strings from the tips. Leave a little space from the base of the top & create a larger triangle near the tips of your nail for the bikini bottoms. Add side strings to the bathing suit to complete the look. Ps. Sorry we forgot to take a picture at this point!

Step 3: Now, the little final touches – inspired by the song, we added little polka dots using CND – Brillant White. We also added a little belly button in the middle using a dotting tool and a slightly darker shade  – Avon – Bare Necessity.  Seal in the design with Seche Vite & you’re all set for the beach!

We all might cringe at the thought of putting on a two piece after a long winter, but your nails can always be beach ready with the Polka Dot Bikini design. You can switch up the suits to any colour your like – having it match your own suit, or a colour you may not be brave enough to wear. Hope everyone is enjoying the week & soaking up the sun!

  1. Melyssa Wright says:

    SO CUTE!!!!

  2. TopCoatIt says:

    I did bikini nails last month. Great minds think alike!

  3. Reblogged this on mchelsmusings and commented:

  4. This is such a cute idea!

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