Aloha! 1/2 of PYP is currently in Hawaii – but don’t fret my pets, we have a bunch of tutorials already to go 🙂 Not only did we crack down on some serious nail art for our vacation mode, but it gave us an opportunity to focus our inspiration on tropical/Hawaiian/beachy themes.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails 2 coats of China Glaze – Happy Go Lucky. This bright yellow is perfect for nice tan skin & a colour we always turn to for bright nail art designs.

Step 2: Using CND – Brillant White, begin making the base for our Hawaiian flower. Create 3 long wider shapes – we made a heart-like shape top and brought each one to the middle for the petals.

Step 3: Next, we wanted to add a punch of colour to our all white flower, so we added Sally Hansen – Shrimply Devine to the middle to create a good contrast. From here it is all in the details, we added a little starburst like shape in the middle of each flower using Zoya – Gweneth to create a rough ombre like look.

Step 4: Lastly, using China Glaze – Liquid Leather paint a line coming from the middle of the design to create our stigma. Add a few dots on the end using a smaller dotting tool. We added a few black dots at the base of our design as well. Don’t forget to seal in your design with a top coat!

We clearly can’t get enough of floral, so it was so necessary to have a Hawaiian flower for the trip! This design can be done with any colours – the brighter the better! What do you think of today’s tutorial? Tell us what you think on Twitter & Facebook!
Ps. some easy Hawaiian listening for our readers 🙂 Listen here.

2 Responses to “NAIL ART TUTORIAL: ALOHA!”
  1. Patti says:

    Sooo pretty!!!!!! straight forward instructions as always you guys are awesome! x

  2. LACQUERLUST says:

    Sounds like an easy DIY nail art can’t wait to try

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