We finally have had a solid week of nice weather and it only means one thing, it’s time to suit up! As much as we dread putting on our teeny weeny bikinis, our favourite part is accessorizing, this obviously starts with polish. Essie has a whole Summer line built to match your bathing suit (talk about perfect), but let’s not forget about some of our other favourite brands.  Whether you tan, freckle or burn the right polish can pop against your Summer skin. Finding the perfect colour to match your suit is tough, if you’re having trouble try a contrast/complimentary colour instead.
Sorry we have been a little MIA lately, we have been working on some very exciting things we will soon be able to show you! We hope our fellow Canadians are enjoying the long weekend. Let’s all take some advice from our favourite sea creature Sebastian, ‘darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter’ – & hit up our favourite hot spot!
  1. Maaji Bias Splash Bikini
  2. Callie Small Tote
  3. Cheap Monday Exclusive To ASOS  Knot Bracelet
  4. Dolce Vita T-Strap Thong Sandal
  5. Butter London – Slapper
  6. Deborah Lippmann – Mermaid’s Dream
  7. Zoya – Zuza
  8. Essie – Mojito Madness
  1. Lenny says:

    blue-ish polishes are indeed kind of flooding the market lately!! I’m drooling for mermaid’s dream right now.. if only they have it here.. T_T

  2. Love the colors! I can’t get enough of turquoise & mint 🙂

  3. I just took Zuza off today, love that color. I did buy a WnW dupe for the DL, it’s ColorIcon or something, pretty close!

  4. GoldenGals says:

    Where can I get Zoya in Canada? I looooove that shade!

  5. GoldenGals says:

    Hmmm I think my last comment didn’t work…does anyone know where/if I can get Zoya in Canada? I love that shade!

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