Remember Mr.Sketch markers? of course you do! They were pretty essential to childhood – we used to play & smell for hours. Mr.Sketch markers were the inspiration/ ‘aha’ moment behind Tuff Scent scent infused nail polish. The mother daughter duo came up with the brand when the wee one decided to fill in her nails with the markers. We’ve seen some larger companies introduce scent nail polish, but Tuff Scent is dedicated to changing the scent polish game. All scents stray away from the usual, with innovative smells like – lemongrass, ocean breeze, and pineapple kiwi.

Ink – we haven’t reviewed a black polish on PYP yet, so we couldn’t wait to try this jet black french lavender (swoon) polish. We used just two coats for the pictures below. The formula was great – a black creme with great coverage. The smell is our favourite out of the swatches. Ink belongs to the Timeless Collection  – classic shades that are great year round.

1 Luv – a Bob Marley special, this all pink glitter is gorgeous. Most glitters we’ve been seeing recently are infused with other shades, we loved this solid base Barbie pink circle glitters. We used 3 coats in the pictures below to completely cover the nail. This polish would also look great as a top coat over your favorite polish shade. 1 Luv has a rich french vanilla scent that wasn’t too harsh, subtle and pretty.

4 Ever – this polish is a deep water blue glitter that shines green and purple in the light. 4 Ever has a nice orchid smell, which is one of our favorite flowers. We used 2 coats as a top coat over top of a basic white – the formula was a little bit thinner, so it was more difficult to fully cover the nail.

A lot of fellow polish addicts have strong opinions on scented nail polish – either having tried one and it wasn’t right for them, or sticking to one brand. We urge you to try TuffScent – their scents give off a subtle aroma & they have a ton of polish shades to chose from – creme, glitter, etc. TuffScent has caught the eye of celebrities  including Oprah (!) & now nail bloggers :). TuffScent can be purchased from their website directly for $10.00 USD/bottle.  Follow more of what TuffScent is up to on Twitter and Facebook. 
What did you think of TuffScent? What are your opinions on scented nail polish? Let us know!

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

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