We at PYP are super fans of The New Black, we’ve reviewed their ombre collections & showed you their daily news easy nail art kit, but we are so excited to share their Runway collection. This line features 8 fashion forward shades that are perfect for your everyday catwalk. These trendy colours can be worn on their own or used together to create some nail art designs. We decided to do a quick swatch + a tutorial for this post to show all the potential The New Black – Runway has.

The four ‘sunshine shades’ (as we like to call them) are our the ones are eyes are drawn too first – all 4 together create a perfect ombre. The red with gold shimmer was are absolute favourite – applying evenly and not too thick. All shades only needed 2 coats. With The New Black, we love the formula variation amongst the kit – some frosted/shimmer, the red is a jelly and the yellow and orange are cremes.

The four ‘underwater shades’ create a cool base, that can easily be worn on their own or together for a more fall/winter look. All colours applied evenly with just 2 coats. We especially liked the frosted green – a total left field for us. We can see an underwater/mermaid-esqe nail art design brewing with these shades. Again, all formulas varied – the beige & navy being a creme & the blue and green having a shimmer/frosted look.

We wanted to incorporate all of the shades into one nail art designs – to create a simple clean look & stuck to free-handed stripes. How have we not done that before? I guess we are polka-dot girls at heart. We used a nail art brush vs. a striper (bc we couldnt find one!) the lines are little jagged, but we think it kind of works (or that’s at least what we are telling ourselves) Lol.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with softest shade of the collection – creme beige. We used two coats to ensure full opacity. Let nails completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: Using a small nail art brush or a striper brush begin alternating shades to create vertical lines. We began with one colour and did 1-2 stripes per nail the repeated the same process with the next shade.

Step 3: Once all colours have been used, fill in any holes/pockets you might have with some already used shades. Seal in the design with a top coat – and your runway ready striped nails are set! These kind of remind us of a Bill Cosby sweater, non?

The great thing about The New Black – Runway collection is that it can be used so many different ways – ombre, 2 alternating shades, perfect for nail art, great for hand & toe matching shades, we really can say anything bad about it! Recently The New Black  was introduced into Sephora (yay!) & can now be purchased there, as well as their ombre  & nail art sets. The New Black can be purchased on, or at Sephora – the Runway kit retails of $32.00 USD, a great price as each item can be used individually or together.

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. Abby says:

    This one makes me feel like I am at a farm…lol, love it!

  2. samacwns says:

    Those blues are pretty!!

  3. i’ve been curious about this brand. thanks for the swatches. now i know i will have to buy some!

  4. galaandtala says:

    human…something to do this weekend!!! 🙂 great post. 🙂

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