It almost snowed here today in Canada (barf), so it only seems appropriate to share one of the most anticipated summer collections – Zoya Beach & Surf. This mega collection features 6 creamy bold shades = beach & 6 shimmer foil shades = surf. Both collections compliment each other creating one massive must-have 12 piece collection that can be worn on it’s own or mixed & matched together to pop on tanned skin.

For all swatches below we paired beach polish with it’s complimentary surf polish (we’ve been wearing them in pairs since we got them).

Shelby – this colour is so ‘us’ it hurts. Soft Pepto-Bismol/Barbie dream car pink – this is a shade we often turn to when we realize we’ve worn nothing but black and grey for the past week. This pink has a slight blue base and is a great thick formula, barely needing two coats. 100% summer sandal approved.

Rory- A medium pink with frosted lilac and silver tones, we immediately thought of the 80s when we saw this colour – it reminds us of frosted pink lipstick, which weirdly is coming back in style. Lol. We were really surprised to see how great the formula was with the foil finish, it almost applied better than normal polishes – nice and smooth. We used 2 coats for the photos below.

Wednesday – this bright teal shade is unlike anything in our collection, which is strange because at first glance it looks like a staple bright aqua. As soon as we saw this colour we immediately started thinking of ways we can incorporate it into a nail art design. Again, these cremes are amazing, nice and thick and applied perfectly in 2 coats for the pictures below.

Zuza – this colours is described as an oceanic-turquoise with a gold & silver foil finish – it reminds us of something a mermaid would wear, if mermaids were real (or are they…) This polish applied great, barely needing 2 coats for the photos below.

Reagan – this colour reminded us of another favourite, CND – Plumville, but it is actually a tad bit darker. This deep fuchsia has a slight blue undertone and is a nice variation from the rest of the cremes being darker and less bright. We can see this colour transitioning through the seasons a little easier than the other.

Carly – this shade is also darker than the rest of the collection, a deep red toned purple with red and gold foil shimmers throughout. We are really drawn to this colour vs. the other foils, it looks so rich and luxurious on the nails. Great application, only needing 2 coats for the photos below.

Arizona – hands down favourite of the collection! This creme vibrant orange reminds us of popsicles, creamsicles and sorbet – all things sugary & yummy. This bright vibrant orange has a muted creme finish. The formula was amazing and applied great with barely 2 coats – this IS our summer shade & definitely a must-have from the collection.This reminds us of Essie – Action from their Poppy-Razzi collection. What about you?

Myrta – can’t get enough of coral, really, we’re obsessed & can’t believe how many we’ve stocked up on in the past month. This orangey-red has a coral base to it, with bright orange and gold shimmers throughout. This polish has a warm like quality to it & we can totally picture this colour on a beach resort somewhere. We barely needed 2 coats for the photos below.

Tracie – this one was a bit of a head scratcher for us, the only non-creme polish – this yellow based pistachio green has a subtle frosted finish. We love the base colour to this shade – almost a pale french green, although we could’ve done without the  silver shimmer –  we love cremes what can we say? The formula was a little thinner than the others, still applying great with only 2 coats.

Meg – this fresh looking foil in a medium green with a yellow base packed with gold and silver shimmers. This is another colour that reminds us of under the sea, so fits right into the Surf collection. We used 2 coats for the pictures below for full opacity.

Lara – The candy-like hot pink, has a yellow-toned base and has a muted creme finish (like Arizona). This colour is described as medium magenta-rose & definitely has a floral like quality to it. 2 coats were used for the pictures below for polish to be fully opaque.

Kimber – Literally can not think of anything else but a Barbie like person with a name like that, and it fits perfectly with this hot pink shade filled with gold shimmer. This colour is bold and rich & had a great formula, only needing 2 coats to be opaque.

We LOVED the Surf & Beach collection from Zoya – there are so many great shades to add to your collection & with so many, there’s one (or 4, or 6) for everyone!  We are pleasantly surprised by how fast we fell in love with these shades. What is your favourite shade from this collection? Are you into the cremes or foils? Let us know what you think of this swatch review on Twitter or Facebook. Zoya polishes can be purchased from or at your local beauty supply store for $8.00 USD (usually $10 CAN) – check in with all the great things Zoya is doing on Twitter – they frequently hold flash sales and great online promos, these are usually only open to US 😦

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. I have Reagan, Wednesday and Tracie coming along with 5 others from the Zoya Earth Day promotion this past weekend. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed to learn that Tracie isn’t a creme polish. I just expected that is was, since every other polish in the beach collection was a creme. Boo on me for not reading the fine print before ordering. Don’t get me wrong, I like the foils, but I LOVE the cremes. I’m super excited to cover my nails in Arizona. I can hardly wait!

  2. Reblogged this on mchelsmusings and commented:

  3. I recently ordered Arizona and Wednesday and can’t wait to get them! I like the way you did this swatch post with two colors on each hand!

  4. Kelli Nicole says:

    Love Zoya polises!!! They are my new fav brand!!

  5. Rozae says:

    I’ve seen other swatches of Zoya Beach&Surf but I love how you did these swatches, exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m liking Carly, Arizona and Wednesday ✿

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