We are huge fans of The New Black, having already reviewed their ombre collections previous (see here), so we were super excited to learn that you can now find The New Black at your local Sephora store! Along with their ombre collections The New Black has branched out into the world of nail art – obviously this is good news for us all. Keeping their nail art simple and easy to use, we couldn’t wait to try out Daily News from their Typography collection.

Sidenote: we had a run-in with a concrete wall, learning to cope with short(er) nails 😥 – we know you guys feel our pain. BUT this is also a great opportunity to show our readers you do not need long nails for great nail art!

Step 1: The New Black has everything you need in one kit – polish, transfer solution, newspaper strips and top coat. After applying your base coat, paint nails with two coats of creamy white. In our past review of TNB we mentioned their ombre kits had a wide range of formulas – this milk white applied so smoothly, needing barely two coats.

Step 2: :Let your nails dry completely (we recommend waiting a little longer than usual) – while waiting cut newspaper pieces into nail size pieces. Now, this is SO CUTE – all the newspaper strips say words like – love, live, laugh, dream, wish, hope, faith – you can cut the paper so that the word of your choice lines up with the center of your nail. Apply the transfer solution provided across whole nail – while still wet place newspaper piece type side-down onto nail. Hold in place for 30 or so seconds.

Step 3: Repeat this process on the rest of your tips & seal in your design with the top coat provided (they really thought of everything). Voila – nails you can read!

We’ve done a newsprint nail in the past and really liked the results (see here) we had a few difficulties with application, it’s great to have a kit all set for you to go. There is enough newspaper to last well over 30 applications & the base colour is a perfect off-white milk shade. The big plus side for us is the newspaper itself – all the cute words gives this look a little something extra, something that is missing from normal newsprint manicures. The New Black can be purchased on, or at Sephora – the Daily News kit retails of $16.00 USD, a great price as each item can be used individually or together.

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    That’s awesome that it all comes in a kit! I just have a stack of old newspapers. Are the words printed backwards so they come out correct on your nail?

  2. Nurse Frugal says:

    I love this look! It’s crazy because knowing nothing and just looking at the pictures, it looks super complicated to do. After hearing you explain it, it actually sounds like something I could do myself 😉

  3. Goldgirl says:

    Love love love love love love love love

  4. Reblogged this on mchelsmusings and commented:
    awesome! I have to try this!

  5. AnnikaFo says:

    Must have! Great blog 🙂

  6. Tatiana says:

    Cute! I tweeted this.

  7. cynthia says:

    Very cute, but it’s easy to diy for much cheaper. with an actual newspaper and rubbing alcohol.

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