We’ve all been victims of the streaky, frosty, cheap looking metallic shade which is why any nail polish lover knows how hard it is to find a good metallic. Formula is everything when it comes to these polishes, so once you find your favourites hold on tight! These shades will likely carry you through any formal nights out, but more importantly will be the ones that always match perfectly with your accessories. We don’t think it would be fair to keep our PYP metallic faithfuls a secret, so here they are – all of our favourite posh polishes! Tried, tested and true!
Finding a good accessory that holds up to your posh metalic tips can be an even bigger task at times! We stumbled across Poshlocket not too long ago and are in love with their trendy, yet affordable accessories. We find their style simple but edgy, ranging from everyday wear to statement pieces. Their product is truly for everyone! Head to their shop and treat yourself – it is Friday after all! Follow them on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates on their new products.
Happy Friday readers – we hope you all enjoyed our posts this week!
Keep your comments comming via Twitter and Facebook, and most of all – keep polishing pretty!
-Danielle & Jenny
  1. Poshlocket Jasmine Chunky Chain Necklace
  2. Poshlocket Harlow Arrow Bangle
  3. Poshlocket Nikki Cone Cuffs
  4. Poshlocket Dale Gladiator Ring
  5. Pure Ice – Iced Copper
  6. Revlon – Gold Coin
  7. Chanel – Peridot
  8. CND – Silver Chrome

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. You guys are awesome, thanks for the great tips and tutorials!

  2. Kelli Nicole says:

    Love those Poshlocket bracelets!!

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