We love finding companies that are truly unique & doing something different then the others – introducing Wet Paint Nail System, a company that allows you to mix Bases, Glazes and SPFX polishes to create your very own unique shade, hmm…dream come true? All of Wet Paint polishes can be worn on their own or mixed with a top glaze or a spfx – or all 3 for a truly layered look. We had so much fun playing around with all the possible combinations, before we knew it a few hours had passed – just look at these shades transform!

Fall 2011

Step 1: The Fall 2011 Base colour Kudos 2 U is a metallic plum, a beautiful colour on it’s own. This colour applied extremely smooth, barely needing 2 coats. This polish was a perfect consistency – not too thin not too thick, perfect for layering. We loved this colour on it’s own & would definitely rock it plain – we are drawn to different metallic shades that break away from the plain silver & gold realm.

Step 2: Next we added 1 coat of Kudos – a top coat glaze. The Glaze top coat left a  more solid colour finish – a rich plum shade with a hint of metallic underneath. You could definitely stop here & be left with a brilliant purple polish with a high shine finish.

Step 3: Last, but certainly not least, we added our SPFX polish in Fructoes. WOW – this created such a beautiful contrast with the deep plum undertone, the pink holo over top created such a beautiful custom colour, we really couldn’t think of anything that looks quite like it.

Winter 2011

Step 1: The Winter 2011 Base colour Play Misty 4 Me is a classic silver chrome metallic shade, also applying evenly with barely two coats – perfect for layering. We’ve been seeing a lot of metallics lately & this shade is right on trend.

Step 2: We added one coat of Glaze top coat – Dorian Grey, it create a slate grey finish with a ton of shine. As we’ve mentioned before, we are suckers for a good grey & this combination looks great with the hint of metallic underneath.

Step 3: They did it again! We are obsessed with these SPFX polishes – we applied one coat of Carmel Breeze for the picture below. This turned our grey base into a sky blue holo finish, a colour different than anything we have in our collection.

Wet Paint Nail Glaze System polish are perfect for those that like to explore their polish options, try new things and create something truly unique. The possibilities are really endless and it’s a great way to save money – less than 60 bottles create over 1,000 colour shades. It’s very clear in the photos – “the magic is in the glaze”. Wet Paint can be purchased directly on their site here & even have full kits for $70 (we are dying over the pastel one!).  Follow them on Facebook & Twitter to see all the things they’re up to! What colour combination would you try?

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. ktgovols1 says:

    There are so cool. Where can you find these?

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