The nautical trend is one that seems to carry throughout all seasons, which is why it is one that we all love! It peaks in the summer with fun flowy dresses and strappy sandals, and just when you think you’ve found just about all blue and red shades that represents this trend perfectly, brands like Essie step it up a notch and release fabulous new shades for us to swoon over. We certainly aren’t complaining!
Some of these shades are old faithfuls and in our regular rotation, while the two Essie shades are new must-have shades for this upcoming season. Keep an eye out for the Poppy-razzi collection that features some great new neons, as well as the exclusive “Barefoot in Blue” shade that was released in support of the ‘One Day Without Shoes Campaign’ by TOMS shoes. Polish with a cause – we like it!
Happy Friday readers! Let us know what you thought of today’s Trending Tips Report on Twitter or Facebook & most of all – keep polishing pretty!
Danielle & Jenny
  1. Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti White and Navy Striped Dress
  2. Whyred Nubuck Espadrille
  3. Daisy Knights Ring
  4. Kate Spade New York Anchors Away Long Necklace
  5. Wildfox Starboard Sailor Tee
  6. China Glaze – First Mate
  7. Misa – Indescribable
  8. Essie – Bazooka
  9. Essie – Barefoot In Blue
  10. Sephora by OPI Trend Tips – Ikat
  1. jrockdontstop says:

    Hello Ladies!

    I’m new to the polish world. In the past, I’ve only painted my toes since I cook and clean so much, but your blog has inspired me. I am currently wearing OPI Refresh-mint with my third finger accented in hot pink. Yeah me 😉

    Anywho, my question is what do you do regarding your toe nail polish? I painted my toes the same mint color but that gets to be a pain painting both of them all the time.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


    • We’re glad we inspired some polish on your tips!
      We usually don’t match our toes to our finger nails – but paint them a matching shade. Eg. pale yellow nails/red toes, or hot pink nails/black toes etc.
      Using a good base and top coat – your toes can last longer than your nails!

  2. Nice post! I discovered your blog just about a week ago and I like it a lot! The navy look is a must for the summer and it’s not something new, it was popular also a couple of years ago… anyway great classics never go out of fashion:) This year the marine trend is not only navy, but also “mermaid style”, like the outfits proposed by McQueen or Versace. I wrote a post “Under the Sea” about it on my blog

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