We just couldn’t help ourselves – florals are everywhere we look! Each year the fashion gods tell us florals are in for Spring, but this year it seems like they’re back in the biggest way ever. We’ve already invested in a few floral blouses, peony printed shorts & have had our eye on daisy wedges – it’s only right we add our nails into the mix. We did a flower printed tutorial on PYP a few months back (See here), but we wanted to try something brighter, more vibrant & more fitting for Spring. CND nail polishes are almost impossible to find where we live (the polkaroo of nail polish), we were SO excited to receive a few colours to try out – we’ve always admired their nail art on the runways, even trying a few out ourselves.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with two coats of CND – Flamingo Feather. We love this colour – it instantly made us think of Florida sunshine & a big juicy pink grapefruit. The formula was amazing, applying effortlessly with two coats. We’ve been testing out a lot of pinks lately & this medium pink is just right for our skin tone – not too bright and over barring and not too pale that it washes us out.

Step 2: Once your base colour has dried you can begin with your flower design. Using CND – Plumville, a cool creme purpley pink shade, start by creating a small capital C/G shape placed where you’d like the middle of the bloom0 to be. From the centre design paint 4 crescent shapes all the way around the centre – having some petals push in farther vs. others giving the flower volume. Add one or two last petals to create a definite top of  the bloom. Plumville is perfect for nail art, the colour is so opaque that we didn’t have to go over our design a second time (which happens very, very often with most brands). We are really light handed with our nail art brush, so this is our nail art polish match made in heaven!

Step 3: Your flowers are almost complete – using CND – Green Scene, a true kelly green, fill in the spaces you have left with small leaves around your flower buds. Green Scene has just the right about of vibrant pop to add to the monochromatic pink design, giving it that little something extra. Seal in your design with a top coat & you are officially Springtime trendy!

This was our first time using CND and we have to say we are now super fans! It’s so rare to find a polish that’s both great for everyday wear & nail art, but CND does it all. We can’t wait to try out more shades & more designs using CND polish now that we know where to find it! What do you think of the floral trend – are you in bloom or hibernating for another season? CND retails for $11.30/bottle & is carried in over 90 countries, you can find at a location nearest you using the Salon Locator on the CND website. Follow CND on Twitter & Facebook to see what great things they are up to!

  1. manymanis says:

    I love this idea! It looks simple enough for me to try, but so pretty (: Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

  2. I absolutely LOVE these nails!!!! So adorable!

  3. sugarmitten says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! This is a really pretty floral design that I haven’t seen before and can’t wait to try. The colors look so great together as well!

  4. Absolutely lovely! Cant wait to try this one. I have tried a few of your nail arts and they are easy to try on and looked brilliant! I must admit your are my amongest my first few nail art inspiration. Keep it up!

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