Spring has sprung & with it comes wedding season! Besides obsessing over creative invitations, our anticipation lies in waiting to see the brides nails (obviously). A few weeks back we were invited to see a sneak-peek of 4 new upcoming Essie collections. We instantly feel in love with the romantic display & shades of the 2012 Wedding Collection. The collection is filled with muted pastels and reflective shimmers, perfect for a Springtime wedding or anyone! The ‘vow to wow’ shades can be worn by the bride, her wedding part & all the way into the honeymoon. We’ve both vowed to never be boring brides when it comes to our big day manicure & this shades will do the trick (when that day comes…)! The Essie 2012 Love & Acceptance collection is perfect for those trying to stray away from dreaded norm of weddings – the French Manicure, blah but is still in check with tradition. Check out our swatch review below:

Instant Hot – This soft white rose shade is an obviously choice for the bride-to-be aka. ‘the no brainer’. The milky cream base has the most subtle hint of rose and applied a bit on a thick side. This shade still needed 3 coats for even application. The subtle reflective stardust shimmer packed in the base colour shined green, orange & pink giving this colour a little something extra. We think Instant Hot would be perfect with tanned skin (a few more months!) & will definitely be a go-to for us. This shade is perfect for a bride that wants to keep a classic look.

Love & Acceptance – This polish is a muted lilac shade that has such a luxurious feel to it, reminding us of a soft crushed velvet. It applied perfectly opaque with 2 coats & is a great Spring shade. We can definitely see a bridesmaid wearing this colour in the Spring. When reviewing our collection we didn’t realize how much we loved muted purples, but we had no dupes. We loved this dusty shade & was one of two shades in this collection without any shimmer.

Like to be Bad – Pretty in pink – this colour is what most brides will go after for the big day (approved by all mothers & grandmothers) – the semi-sheer pink is packed with reflective pink shimmers. Like to be Bad is a great girly shade that needed 3 coats because it was a bit on the sheer side. This colour is described as a ‘barely-there pink with a naughty but subtle sparkle’ – but this colour seems very PG13 to us. If you’re one that gravitate towards pinks, this is the colour for you.

Who is the Boss –  Besides reminding us of one of our favourite 90s show, this colour was an unexpected favourite. The freshly minted cream green looked so great on we kept it on for almost a week, an extreme rarity for us! The creme de menthe has a grey undertone, falling into the ‘dusty’ category with Love & Acceptance. We can see the Mother of the bride wearing Who is the Boss. This colour also reminds us of Spring blooms & new budding flowers. A definite must-have for bridal & non-bridal alike.

We are huge lovers of pastel shades & after seeing the Essie 2012 Wedding Love & Acceptance display we didn’t need any more convincing, we knew we’d love this collection. Each shade has a unique quality that you wouldn’t find in a comparable shade. This collection would be a perfect gift for brides and non-brides alike. Together we can stop boring wedding manicure! What was your favourite shade of the Love & Acceptance collection? Follow more of what Essie is up to on their Twitter & Facebook. The Essie – Love & Acceptance collection will be in stores this April, available at your local beauty supply store for $9.99.

These product(s) were sent to us for review, please read our disclosure policy for more information.

  1. day5na says:

    Reblogged this on Day by Day and commented:
    Love Essie and all our their girly shades, like these!

  2. Angel says:

    I absolutely love love love Love & Acceptance! I picked it up another day and it’s probably going to be my go-to colour for this spring! It’s just such a gorgeous lilac! Love it!

  3. Gustavo says:

    I love the China Glaze Anchors Away collection. There are so many great ooclrs to choose from. My favorite so far is sea spray, it is the perfect blue grey and complements so much. My next purchase is going to be Ahoy!, it looks like a great pink.

  4. Lygia says:

    How close is Love and Acceptance to Essie’s Bangle Jangle? I already have Bangle Jangle and L&A seems like such a beautiful color, but I would not want to splurge on it if it’s too similar to a color I already have…

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