If we learned anything from elementary school art class (other than how to trace your hand and turn it into a turkey) it was that if you mixed two primary colours the result would be an even better secondary colour. Now that we’ve all grown up and stopped tracing our hands we’ve learned  that primary colours are anything but secondary to a wardrobe and are perfect compliments to any look, in any season. As new polish collections come and go we see various trends surrounding these colours – some bringing in shimmer, some lighter, some darker – however, finding the shades that perfectly match your 8 ct. Crayola Crayons (minus the brown and black) can be a difficult task. After much trial and error we like to think that we’ve found our perfect colour wheel shades and they are too good not to be shared!

Keep those tips bright readers – we are hoping this will make the spring season come a little bit faster.  Let us know what your go-to colour wheel shades are on Twitter or Facebook, and most of all keep polishing pretty!

-Danielle & Jenny

  1. Color Club – Pucci-Licious
  2. Revlon – Revlon Red
  3. OPI – The “It” Color
  4. Revlon Top Speed – Royal
  5. OPI – On The Same Paige
  6. CND – Green Scene
  7. Ashiana Cord And Gold Bead Woven Friendship Bracelet
  8. ASOS Patent Colour Watch
  9. Selima Sun For J.Crew Sophia Sunglasses
  10. Forever 21 Destroyed Skinny Jeans
  1. Airpan says:

    I think a watermarble would look awesome in these colors. Hmmm.

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