Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today we took a classic cupcake mani and added a little Valentine twist and sparkle. We’re sad to end the V-Day edition on PYP – but we can assure you there will still be tons of pink & red in the near future (our favs). Hope everyone’s day is filled with love & if not, lots of sugar and girlie movies. We went a little over the top today, yolo!

Ps. We couldn’t stop singing this song….now (those cheeks! the eyebrows!)

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with 2 coats of Sally Hansen – Shrimply Divine. This colour is a hot pink with a coral/peachy base, has even application & was perfect for our cupcake base.

Step 2: Using a nail art brush, create an icing top – sort of like our sundae design previous, using Sally Hansen – Whirlwind White. It’s best to create an outline first, then using the bottle brush, fill in the blank. You can have the icing come down as much as you’d like on the nail, we went almost half way. You can stop here and have a cute clean cupcake/drip mani.

Step 3: Using a skinny nail art brush in Misa – Valentine Red, make little dashes scattered over the icing for long grain sprinkles.

Step 4: We added gems through out the sprinkles for a little more sparkle and drama. Seal in your nail art using Seche Vite quick dry top coat – & there you have it, Valentine’s nails sugary sweet, good enough to eat! (that was our love poem for you)

Sometimes you just need to go a little overboard with the design, adding sprinkles + gems really gives this design a 3D look & makes it pop for a night out. Now, back to our regular schedule — we’ve got some exciting thing in store. Let us know what you guys would like to see/more/less of. And keep sending us your nail art – we love seeing it! xoxo

  1. Tressa says:

    So cool!!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!

  2. The World of Girl says:

    So cute! I will definetly try this. 😉

  3. John corten says:

    So cool, i’ll try it 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I looove this design! I did my own version here, 🙂

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