It’s been awhile since we’ve had a tape manicure tutorial on PYP, so we decided to try out a classic chevron design using some winter shades. We love how Scotch tape can be used in so many different ways to create patterns on your nails, the only downside is the wait time. In between each colour, even with a quick dry top coat, it’s still quite a bit of a wait to ensure no polish lifts off with the tape. We recommend trying this nail art when you’re lounging around the house, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve anxiously rushed and ruined all of our nails 😦

Step 1: Apply a base coat, we recommend Orly – Bonder, it has a rubbery feel to it, is quick drying, and protects nails from staining. After you have applied your base coat, paint nails with two coats of Revlon – Plum Night. This is one of those colours we bought and tossed in our collection & we can’t believe we didn’ try it sooner. It is a perfect deep plum that almost looks black – almost remind us of grape popsicle syrup.

Step 2: Once your first coloured has dried completely (we painted our nails Revlon – Plum Night the day before) rip off 4 pieces of Scotch tape. Using the corner of the tape, point the tip towards the center of the top of the nail, leaving room for the next colour. Securely push down all sides of the tape, so there’s no bleeding with the addition of another colour. Paint over the tape in China Glaze – Cheers to you. You could stop at this step and have Rihanna nails.

Step 3: Peel off the tape, pulling from the center upwards. Repeat Step 2 using OPI – Mermaids Tear for the final chevron. We liked the colour combination of mixing the deep plum with a teal colour. Peel off the final strips of tape and seal in the design with a top coat.

Besides the extreme long wait time, we love how this chevron manicure turned out. It’s easy enough for everyone to try, as long as you have the patience. You can do different variations of the design but changing the tape placement – intersecting v’s, backwards chervon, width chevron, in all sorts of colour combinations.Share your chevron nail art with us on twitter or facebook!

  1. love this! we have similar posts today! check mine out…. >>

  2. Digging the color combo!

    My nail tips are currently blue glitter with a pinkish mylar over the top. LOVE the blue hues these days…


  3. natasiarose says:

    Ahh I love it! I can’t decide if I like it more with or without the Mermaid tears.

  4. Wow great look girl! And congrats on getting freshly pressed!!!

  5. Cathy says:

    This is so nice. 🙂

  6. sepiabrown says:

    I’m sad I just found this blog today!!! I’ve been missing out on soooo much fabulousness!!!
    *now following very closely *


  7. Beautiful! Usually my hand isn’t steady enough for detailed nail art, but this gives me hope.

  8. Ahh I love your Chevron nails!! Great color combination too!

  9. This is GORGEOUS! thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Jayati says:

    its looks great !!!

  11. Love love love these!! I’m definitely going to have to try 🙂 Those colors are the best!

  12. jubbiz says:

    This is really cool! When I see nail art such as this I presume it must be very difficult or a foil of some kind – thanks for showing how easy it can be.

  13. vandysnape says:

    This is lovely.. I’m not very much good at nail art considering that my nails are tiny.. But I love learning how to do one.. You have a nice blog! I’m following it 🙂

  14. chameleonic says:

    this tutorial is amazing! the nails are so fab!

  15. Rae says:

    I recently painted a black design on my nails for the first time and learned the hard way that black polish stains your nails. I’ll have to try the base coat you suggested, thanks!

  16. Montier says:

    Dope nail design..and color!

  17. The Hook says:

    Awesome! Almost makes me wish i wore nail polish! Almost!

  18. i like this color combination…it feel somewhat modern but kinda 70’s hehe

  19. elsaheff says:

    Reblogged this on Quirky Capitalism, Etc. and commented:
    Stop it! This is too cute!!!!! I even would love the O.P.I. Mermaid Tears by itself. Must…find…

  20. Amazing! I’m going to try it tonight. Check out today’s post on nails inc. matte top coat, we have tons of nail art tutorials as well!!


  21. midnitechef says:

    It’s been forever and a day since I’ve put on nail polish of any sort. Kinda fall out of the priority list when kids come along 🙂 Maybe next time my sisters come visit we can try this out!

  22. Really need to stop biting my nails . . . .

  23. So glad you were FP – my girls are going to love your ideas !!!!

  24. valentinedee says:

    I don’t do nail polish but your pics are very nice. 🙂


  25. Love the color combo and how easy it is to do something cool on your nails. Thanks for the base coat tip, I often end up with stained nails.

  26. Very retro modern… love the colours. And seems easy enough to try… now, if only I had the nails…lol…. mine are so short… and how do you stop nail polish from stripping? Mine only ever last half a day – if that!

    • If you use a base coat & top coat and still have the problem – it’s probably a good idea to try a stronger top coat, we prefer Seche Vite it is a little on the expensive side but totally worth it, plus nails dry in under 5 mins!

  27. Sarah Jordan says:

    This is so pretty!

  28. Reblogged this on Wit & Whimsy and commented:
    Loved this and thought you might love it too!

  29. I’m a fan of women who take the time and go to the detail to do their nails in this way! The effort is appreciated by SOME of us!!!

  30. The World of Girl says:

    Loved this post. I am a nail addict. I am currently working on a flower design. 🙂 I am definetly following. 😉 Mind checking out my blog? Thanks!

  31. andreiafalqueto says:

    love your blog! beautiful nails 🙂

  32. rtcrita says:

    For the longest time, I could not get into the multi-coloring of nails because I’m pretty simple when it comes to my nail polish colors. But I would have to say, in the last year I have seen so many different and eye-catching combinations and artistic creations on the nails of others that I am starting to really like some of it. I will even comment on someone’s nails if I think they are really pretty and unusual. Like yours!

  33. onlytruffle says:

    Wow – That’s brilliant!

  34. This is really nice, so glitzy!!

  35. 2thelastdrop says:

    Very nice! I like the color combo. I’ve had the heartbreak of taping before fully dry. I get too excited 🙂

  36. 2thelastdrop says:

    Reblogged this on 2thelastdrop and commented:
    Have you ever used tape during your manicure? Here’s a quick tutorial for those that would like to give this a try. PATIENCE is key when taping.

  37. klobster21 says:

    Supercute! I ❤ Revlon polish, as it works very well with watermarbling, and well, Revlon's my favourite anyways ;D Awesome post, congrats on FP!

  38. emilyoncken says:

    Reblogged this on emilyoncken and commented:
    So easy and so cool… I had to reblog this just so I could remember to do it!

  39. A. McGrew says:

    LOVE these nails!!

  40. samacwns says:

    You make it sound easy! I’ll have to see if I can work up courage sometime. 🙂

  41. Hibari says:

    I like this design. It looks really cool yet seems simple enough for me to actually attempt. Plus it matches the shirt I’m wearing right now.

  42. Mayris says:

    that’s pretty nails…

  43. ranaeldani says:

    I think you did a fantastic job…took me back to when big platinum blonde locks, big sweaters and skinny jeans were “happening”. love love love!

  44. elis says:

    Oh I wrote an entry about this a couple of days ago, was planning to do a DIY but I like yours so I’ll reblog it or something…

  45. Sarah Harris says:

    You make it look so easy! My left hand may come close but using my left to do my right will be so shakey!!

  46. Ms. Ray says:

    *GIRLY SQUEEL!* and I have all those colors, too — THANK YOU!!!

  47. luisask says:

    That looks pretty cool. I’m not sure those colours would suit me though but I’d try it with others 🙂

    I have the plum night.. I’ve worn it once.. now my mum uses it hehe

  48. Chaks says:

    tricolors are looking great on that nails.


  49. NGD lover says:

    another state of the nail art

  50. Fab! I have false nails and get them done for me, I’m not sure my skills would be up to these 🙂

  51. Ans says:

    perfect …. loved the style; 🙂

  52. Peaches says:

    Looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to try this out sometime xx

  53. Love it! Would love for you to see our Australia Day post featuring our favourite Australian designers.

  54. These look great, very retro! 🙂

  55. Jenny says:

    Very cool design. Love the colors!

  56. Blic says:

    I like a little less color combination looks great but i like this!

  57. fluffymocchi says:

    How you get it so perfect?!?!

  58. Afromum says:

    I’m really bad with nail varnish; on the odd occasions when I get it close to almost perfect, my children always do something that makes me end up smudging it. heeheehee

  59. Afromum says:

    I will try using this, hopefully I’ll have better luck getting it dry before the inevitable smudge. 😀

  60. wearmetwice says:

    Reblogged this on wearmetwice and commented:
    I love this!!!

  61. they look hot! I only hope that I can attempt to recreate this on my own. and I sure hope that they will stay smudge and chip free for at least a week! =)

  62. teenagestorm says:

    Wow fab nail art, tried to do it but sorta failed 😛 I’ll stick to the instructions next time 🙂

  63. teenagestorm says:

    Reblogged this on Teenage Storm and commented:
    Just tried out this technique, its amazing. A must-try idea for anyone looking for something quirky and creative!

  64. I could spend hours doing this and they wouldn’t come out a tenth as nice as yours. I never know how people make them look so nice.

  65. My friend does my nails as I can’t do anything remotely good!

  66. neck ruff says:

    Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  67. rawmoans says:

    Such a motive to stop biting my nails!

  68. Selina Duncan photography says:

    Just found your blog and wow! Thats some cool nail art. I will be sharing this.

  69. gaycarboys says:

    You girls have all the fun!

  70. Axy says:

    Usually I don’t have much time to spoil my nails ^^ but I’ll definitely try something like that when I find a spare moment, lovely combination!

  71. I just discovered this blog and I’m hooked! I want to do every color, starting with this one!

  72. moresequinsplease says:

    love this!!!!!!

  73. Omg Love!!! Im trying it out now!! Instead of the teal color im using hot pink !!

  74. Just tried out this technique, its amazing! very creative!

  75. Chiara says:

    So cute!!!!! i love this colors
    This is my blog nailart tutorial,news about beauty and natural cosmetics!

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