We recently got a request to incorporate a nail art pen into one of our tutorials, so we happily obliged! Sally Hansen makes the most well-known & affordable ones, with tips that look almost Sharpie like, giving you more control of your designs. We have tried (a few times) to use these pens, we purchased them when they were first released, but had problems with the polish bleeding into our cuticles. Fast forward about a year or so & we decided to give it another go, this time on one of the most popular & trendy designs: tribal.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with two coats of Sally Hansen – Lively Lilac. This colour is a rich purple shade, vibrant without being too loud & is our most used purple for nail art. ALSO, we found this colour at a trade show (after rummaging through hundreds of bottles) for only $1 = holler!

Step 2: Begin your tribal design – it’s best to look at tribal prints to draw inspiration, there are so many possibilities that can be done. We alternated between a long nail art brush for straight lines, the Sally Hansen nail art pen, & a dotting tool to layer the look. Zig-zag, diagonal and multiple lines complete this look.

Step 3: Copy the design on each nail, building more layers as you go. Make the design simple by sticking with straight lines and one to two colours. Or make the design more complex by layering the white and black design colours or adding a third colour.

We’re so glad we finally jumped on board the tribal train – so many uniques ways this can be done. This design looks a lot more complicated then it really is – the nail art pen feels just like drawing. Switch up the design on each nail for a random assortment of tribal patterns. We did have a bit of trouble trying to stay neat, the pen did bleed when close to the sides of the nail. We also found that the polish in the Sally Nail Art Pen was thicker at times and too thin at others, having to almost dot in the line already completed. This issue might have not have happened if we weren’t using black for the nail art, we imagine other (non-dark) colours wouldn’t have this issue.

  1. Nancy MacDonald says:

    This just might be my favorite so far!! You make it look easy!!

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