We popped into our local Sally Beauty store recently and spotted a display that was so ‘us’ we couldn’t help but buy the whole collection filled with pinks & reds, Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away right? We weren’t sure if this was a collection or just an arrangement for the holiday, titled ‘I Heart Nails’ these colours were perfect for today’s design – stained glass with a girlie flare. There are many ways to do this design, typically with a black rim around the colours, we brighten it up using a white nail art polish to complete the look. The inspiration for this nail art comes from the tissue paper stained glass art in elementary school, like this.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint half the nail with Orly – Cotton Candy. For this design it is best to paint your nails from lightest to darkest, just incase there are any mistakes, this is the easiest way to hide them. Split up the other half of the nail and paint 1/4 Orly – Passion Fruit & 1/4 Forever Crimson (or 1/3 & 2/3 – or any type of fraction you want). You can free-hand the squares if you feel comfortable with the bottled brush or use a nail art brush to ensure cleaner lines. The lines do not have to be perfect, as the final step will make the design cohesive.

Step 2: Don’t worry if the polish looks a little shakey or uneven – we found it best to almost try and seperate the polish leaving natural nail around the border. Once you have the squares placed how you’d like, outline the design with Clare’s – White nail art pen. This nail art pen is fairly inexpensive and great because one end has a long nail art brush and the other is a paint pen ( mimicing the Migi nail art pens). Seal in the design with a no-chip top coat.

There are so many possible combinations that can be used for this design, we totally see ourselves repeating the pattern again and again. And we’re all for nail art that lets you mess up a little bit – perfect for all levels of nail polish lovers. We recently were asked to post a tutorial on nail strips – so those should be up later this week. Tweet/Facebook/Pinterest/Tumblr us what you would like from Polish You Pretty – we love hearing from you.

  1. Brittany says:

    Very creative and pretty. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! ❤

  2. Diana says:

    Lovely! Trying this out right now ❤

  3. Hannah says:

    Reblogged this on My Blueberry Muffins and commented:
    Beautiful! 🙂

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