Do you ever see an idea and it’s just so simple and brilliant it blows your mind that it hasn’t been done before? Insert Tips Nail Bar‘s design for the Lucian Matis show back in October (HOW are we just seeing this now?). We watched this video well over 20 times, the design is so perfect and different than anything else we’ve ever seen. Now, if you live in the GTA or surrounding area you’ve probably heard of Tip’s Nail Bar, if not (what rock do you live under) you have to check out their amazing work. In an area surrounded by cookie cutter salons, this one lets its talent speak for itself.

Check out their website for more work & reviews here. Below is the tutorial for the Watercolour Nails from the Lucian Matis show, found on imabeautygeek – a great website on beauty products, places and reviews.

We stuck with the Spring/Summer palette as well, keeping a darker shade to highlight the water rings. Sidenote: Sally’s Beauty brand – Epic is SUCH an amazing blue colour (& only $1!!) we wish it came in a bigger bottle – we wore it over the weekend and got so many compliments (rare for a bright blue) – worth it next time you’re at Sally’s. Just like the video we used an oval brush – these range from $7-$35, we normally use this brush to clean up the skin around the nail after painting – a good tool for anyone who enjoys painting their nails.

The only problem we ran into with this nail art when we tried it ourselves was the spreading. We used OPI – Aloe nail polish remover with acetone vs. pure acetone like they use in the video. Because of this (we think) the polish spread, but not as much as in the video above. The other issue we had was our choice of nail polish, some had a thicker formula also making it more difficult to spread – maybe a jelly or less opaque polish would yield the best results. We definitely plan to try this design again with the proper tools/polishes. Regardless of a few set backs, we thought the final product still looked great! This nail art is fairly easy and fun to play around with – we’ve seen a recent spike of this technique on the usual tumblrs and blogs, we hope it catches on – watercolouring with acetone is the new water marbling (there we said it).

  1. Marie says:

    seriously can’t WAIT to try this one!

  2. Cat says:

    I just did a few nails and as the nail polish remover didn’t work as desired, I tried rubbing alcohol which I sometimes use when I paint to achieve a similar effect.

  3. elise says:

    does this work on natural nails?

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