Lately we’ve been trying to explore new things you can do with nail polish besides the usual nail brush nail art. Today we tried a tie-dye look on our nails and we totally loved it – screams summer! We must say the colour combination that we chose brought us right back to our childhood, all we could think about was Rain-blo bubble gum (now DYING to find/eat 100 packs of this gum). This design has a candy like quality (jawbreaker also comes to mind) and can be done by any nail polish addict at any skill level, it also encourages mistakes (this is a rare one).

Step 1: After your base coat has dried, paint nails with two coats of Sally Hansen – Caribbean Coral. This colour is from the Spring 2010 line and makes us want to jump on a plane and head for sandy beaches. It’s bright without being a neon and perfect for tanned skin, we have a feeling this colour is going to be in our regular rotation. We really like the Xtreme Wear line from Sally Hansen, the price point is perfect for those riskier colours. Application of the base colour does not have to be perfect, as we are going to cover up the colour completely in the next step.

Step 2: Using Sally Hansen – Whirlwind White, completely cover your base colour so that none of the colour underneath is showing around the edges. For this step it is more beneficial to do a thinner coat of Whirlwind White so that there aren’t so many layers causing it to be too thick. Dipping a q-tips into some nail polish remover, using a very light hand brush the q-tip in vertical lines over top of Whirlwind White. It is helpful to have a lot of remover on the q-tip, if you let it dry up it can leave cotton pieces on the nail. We found pointed makeup q-tips worked best for this nail art. Get creative with this step, you can have a lot of base colour showing through or keep it more on the covered up side, place peek-a-boos wherever you see fit.

Step 3: If you make a mistake & too much remover is used showing the natural nail at the bottom, just paint a little of your top colour overtop and play around with the remover & q-tip again. Seal in the design with a strong top coat.

There are so many variations that can be done with this design – multiple colours for a true tie-dye look, neon and black, glitter peak-a-boos, etc. We love that this design looks better with mistakes, really, what more can you ask for? Show us your 80s/tie-dye/acid wash nails!

  1. sparkleigh says:

    This looks like raw meat! 🙂

  2. bbaileyyx3 says:

    Do you have to let the white coat dry completely before you use the Q-tip?

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