We hope everyone enjoyed the newly introduced Trending Tips on Friday, we loved hearing everyones thoughts about it have something great lined up again for this week. For todays tutorial we wanted to bring it back to the basics with a simple manicure that any level of nail artist could do aka. another tape mani! Tape manicures are our favourite because tape can be utilized in so many ways the only really difficult part is the wait time. We are still riding on the OPI – Nicki Minaj collection high, so excuse the use of Fly (our favourite) for the 3rd time, we couldnt help ourselves!

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with two coats of OPI – Fly. This creme based turquoise was our favourite from the Nicki Minaj collection such a unique colour. Apply a quick dry top coat to help speed up the drying process. 

Step 2: Once the base colour is emcompletely/em dry, cut squares of Scotch tape. Place two pieces of Scotch tape on each nail, cutting the nail in half on opposite sides. Alternate the places of the tape so each nail looks different.

Step 3: Secure the edges of the tape and apply OPI – Simmer Shimmer over top of the nail that is not taped off. We love this blue based glitter from the Burlesque collection. Although it has a blue undertone, once applied it has more of a multi-coloured look. 

Step 4: Peel tape off each nail, being careful to pull in the direction of the line youve created. If you pull the tape too quick, you can end up with a wobbly line or taking the polish underneath with it. Apply a coat top to seal in the design.

This nail art is so cute can be varied in so many ways – we were tempted to try the basic black and white, but once again, glitter always wins. If youre like us and change your nails often you need to check this off your list of to-dos. Show us your tape manis on twitter we love seeing the create nail art from our followers.



  1. AAAAAAAAAH So cute!!! I love your blog!!!

  2. happiebelle says:

    Awesome !! love this idea… I totally love nail stuff too !! 🙂

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