After a much needed holiday, we are finally back (in full force)! Our days off were spent indoors with family and friends, entertaining and venturing out for a little shopping. On our break we were inspired by so many different surroundings – especially home holiday decor. One thing that is always nice to see in any space is a vase filled with fresh flowers, seeing them over the holidays made us excited for the snow to melt & Spring to arrive. Today’s post is inspired by Spring – because we’ve finally had enough of the cold weather, it all goes downhill after Christmas. Our shopping expenditions led us to some cute local vintage shops filled with old floral fabrics that made us miss the warm weather even more.
Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nail with two coats of OPI – Mermaid’s Tears. This teal based polish has almost a grey undertone & gives the perfect vintage style we were looking for.
Step 2: Using a larger dotting tools, randomly place 3-4 dots on your nail using OPI – Sparrow Me The Drama. This rosey-hued shade also fits the aged looked we were going for.
Step 3: Using a small nail art brush, paint 3 sides creating the outline of the roses with Essie – Red-y Set Ex. Paint a top and bottom semi-circle and add a third line that drags into the middle of the dot.
Step 4: To complete the vintage roses, paint one or two petals for each rose using a small nail art brush dipped into Sally Hansen – Lickety-Split Lime. Flick the brush from the base of the rose to create the point of the leaf.
You can experiment with this look using different pinks or reds (maybe even multicoloured roses?) and trying larger or smaller roses. If you are going for a vintage look than the OPI Pirates of the Caribean collection is a sure bet. We still aren’t over how amazing this collection was! Share your painted petals with us on twitter or facebook – we would love to see variations of this design.
  1. intomind says:

    wow this s amazing, i don’t know if i could do it though, you must have a very steady hand 🙂

  2. This is one I am trying for sure! It’s beautiful. Can I buy the dotting tool online or are they at Sally’s etc?

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