The Christmas countdown is ON. Is it just us, or did the holidays literally come out of no where this year? For the rest of the week we will be showcasing holiday nail art in preparation for the big day. Today’s tutorial features glittery snowflakes – here in Canada, we have the cold but the snow is nowhere to be found (just yet). We really are dreaming of a white Christmas, so hopefully we get a few flakes before the 25th.

Step 1: Begin by applying a base coat, we recommend Orly – Bonder. Last night Orly had a twitter trivia session for their Holiday Soiree collection – such an awesome idea, they asked questions based on their brand and polish & then randomly chose winners with the correct answer. We love seeing our favourite companies try innovative and interactive ideas with fans (we also participated from our own accounts). Continue by applying two coats of Sally Hansen – Barracuda. This baby blue is such a nice shade, it is almost like a bright blue that has been muted down – less of a soft shade, and more of a quiet blue with an aqua undertone. If you are still riding high from the Chanel Denim blue obsession, we highly recommend this colour for your collection.

Step 2: Once the base colour has dried, using a skinny nail art brush paint 3 intersecting lines to begin your snowflakes with Sally Hansen – Timeless White. It works best to create a wide X and then place the third line in the middle. Make sure to not place the lines too close together, it will make the next step more difficult.

Step 3: Using a dotting tool, place dots on the tips of your snowflake to complete the design. We added random white dots across the nail for a full snow fall effect. Once the design has set, go over the nail with OPI – I Juggle…Men. Besides the hilarious name, this polish is such a subtle glitter – it adds just that little extra without being too much. The faint glitter has a blue/purple-y tone so it works perfect for this nail art.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – this nail is really adorable! We love how it brings out the holiday spirit but is still a bit understated with the muted colour palette. This nail art is fairly easy, the most difficult step is the straight lines – if you find that after practice you are still having troubles, we recommend trying a nail art pen – like this.
Nail art pens are a great way to add more complex designs to your tips and give you more control of the placement. This design can be alternated in different ways – darker hues, all glitter (!!), contrasting colours, different sizes, etc. We would love to hear what you want to see on PYP this upcoming week for the holidays – tell us on Twitter or find us on Facebook & let us know – we might choose your suggestion!

  1. intomind says:

    these are so cool! good thing i just bought a light blue nail polish, i can try it out right away!

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