Do the Carleton. We wanted to challenge ourselves a bit and decided to venture out into the endless options for line nail art. We finally decide to try our hand with an argyle design, which unintentionally ended up being our highschool colours (Go Celtics!) We added a bright green colour, Color Club’s -Edie to keep up with our semi-holiday themed looks. This green is BRIGHT, probably one of the most vibrant colours we have without being classified as a neon. Color Club is another brand that is a little less accessible where we are located, and we wish it were closer, they always have the nicest collections, so cohesive and perfect for matching.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with three coats of Sally Hansen – Timeless White. White nail polish is very tricky to apply and have a full opaque finish, long even strokes from base to tip will help even out the polish.

Step 2: Once your base colour white has dried, paint an X across your nails using Color Club – Edie. Match the bottom left base corner, with the right tip corner. This is where line practice comes in handy. We recommend starting off smaller and then gradually expanding out the X so that the lines that will be showing are straightest (you can see this pictured below).

Step 3: Fill in the left and right triangles that have formed from the X. Make sure the triangles are completely filled in with no see-through spots. This is the best time to perfect your outside lines to ensure they are straight. Apply a top coat over top of the design to seal it in before the final (most difficult) step.

Step 4: Using black nail art polish, it is time to do the argyle design. With your nail sideways – paint a line just slightly in into the left green triangle & connect it to just outside the right green triangle, on the white tip. This design is almost like a X but with the cross really high at the top of the letter. Repeat this on the opposite side of the nail. The argyle design should create a diamond like shape in the middle on your nail. Seal in design with top coat.

We really love this design, it’s a fun look that leaves a lot of room of experimentation with base colours and line colours. This nail art is definitely more on the difficult side, we recommend practicing straight lines on a piece of paper beforehand. Another tip is to start your line off of your nail, as the beginning of the line usually is the thickest and then thins out. If you start the line a little further back on the skin and drag the brush across, the line should be more uniform on the nail, it’s just a little messier of a clean up. Let us know what your think of holiday plaid part 2 (aka. argyle design aka. prep school aka The Carlton) on twitter – we love hearing feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see!


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