Another trip to the zoo! We’ve already shown you a leopard print tutorial, now it’s time to move to another wild animal friend, the giraffe. Typically, giraffes are beige/brown but we thought we’d spice it up with some of our new Zoya shades. Zoya polishes are a little more on a the difficult side to find where we’re located, but they definitely make it worth the trip. The formula is always perfection, and the brush (!!) is what every polish addict is after, perfect even strokes every time. Also, their website outlines how opaque/sheer a colour is, as well as the formula type: creamy, metallic, glitter, etc. really, what more could you ask for?

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with two coats of Zoya – Caitlin. This colour is a must-have – with its creamy formula, this smokey purple/grey tone is such a great shade. It is different from anything we have in our collection & is a great colour for those looking for something different but still want a classic shade not too out of the box.

Step 2: Once your base colour has completely dried, use a dotting tool to begin painting your giraffe spots with Zoya- Gweneth. This colour is a combination of vibrant pink and classic red, with a berry undertone. This is one of those colours, that you could see yourself, your mom and your grandma wearing, a timeless shade. (Sidenote: this may only apply to us, but if we could never picture either of our moms sporting a vibrant blue or bright green – we’d die on the spot.) Push the dotting tool around to create 3 and 4 sided shapes. Place the shapes close together, it helps to be looking at a picture of giraffe spots as a guideline. Make sure to get the sides and tips of the nail for a complete look.

Step 3: Seal in the design with a top coat & you’re ready for the wild!

This nail art is fairly easy, if you are able to do a polka dot design the giraffe spots are not too far off. We really enjoyed straying away from the usual colour combination seen with giraffe nail art, it gives the design a whole other look. You can experiment with different colours, multiple colours per nails, size of shapes, etc. This design can really take on it’s own form changing up the variables. We stocked up on Zoya, and we’re excited to show case you some more nail art using their brand. See more of Polish You Pretty on our Tumblr!


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