We really can’t express how essential good Scotch tape is for any nail art diy-er, some of the best (& easiest!) nail art can be done with tape placement. We decided to continue with our subtle holiday trend and create a red glittery design that is easy for any level of nail artist.

Step 1: After base coat has been applied, paint nails with two coats of OPI – Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, this colour is from the Fall 2009 Destination collection. We remember this colour so well because this is just around the time where dark/black nails came back in a BIG way. We were debating if the trend would stick around, and we’re glad it did! (we really are dark-polishaholics) This colour is a smokey deep blue, we have no other colours like it in our collection & maybe that’s why we keep going back to it. This colour is perfect for when you’re not feeling a harsh black, but still want a dark shade.

Step 2: Once nails have completely dried, take two pieces of Scotch tape and create a triangle at the base of your nail, fanning out towards your tip. Try to have all triangles about the same size on each nail. Secure down the sides of the tape.

Step 3: When tape has been placed how you like, paint the marked-off triangle with OPI – Excuse Moi!. If you follow us on twitter, or have been reading for a while – 1. thanks! & 2. you know how much we LOVE the new Muppet collection (& movie!). All of the glitters are such bold colours and really great additions to your collection, especially if you love glitter like us. Excuse Moi! was an immediate favourite with its red base and small multi-coloured glitters. Paint the marked off section of your nails two to three times to ensure no colour underneath is showing.

Step 4: Peel off Scotch tape – try to peel off in the reverse order it was placed to create smooth even lines. Paint nails with a top coat to seal in the design. You could definitely stop here & it would be a great manicure, but we are still obsessed with all the nail gems/jewels we recently purchased so decided to add a little more. Using the end of a brush dip into top coat and place jewel and the very tip of the triangle point.

This nail art design is really easy, the only issue is that it is a bit time-consuming waiting for the layers to dry. We really love the way it turned out & it’s perfect for holiday parties. As much as we love ornaments, presents, reindeer, etc nail art for the holidays (we’re getting there!) it’s nice to have a more subtle design to wear everyday. You can change this design up so many different ways – have the triangles face the opposite direction on every other nail, create different colour combinations, and experiment with different studs/gems/etc.

  1. Melyssa says:

    Perfect for the holiday!

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