When you are as obsessed with all things nail related like we are, you tend to, well…hoard. We are not at TV show level, but we do have bins, boxes, wall mounts, tupperware containers, anything with available, spaced stuffed with nail polish and nail art related items. Recently we found an online shop through Amazon that had bulk nail art gems, jewels, studs, etc. We don’t have Black Friday here in Canada, but we definitely took advantage. When everything finally came in, all the nail art jewels + the ones we’ve randomly purchased at Sally’s looked like an explosion of all things that sparkle. A local shop recently started carrying Butter London – which is extremely hard to find where we are located, unless you travel about an hour’s way to major department stores. We quickly made friends with the owners & have earned a spot on their “new arrival call list” – we might be the only ones on that list, as most people aren’t that crazy. No More Waity, Katie FINALLY came in & we could not wait to try it. Fit for royalty = fit for us.

Step 1: After applying base coat, prep nails for Butter London – No More Waity, Katie. A little trail and error with this polish, we found it not opaque enough on its own, so added China Glaze – Sea Spray (not pictured) a very light grey with hints of shimmer that we thought would compliment the polish perfectly & it did! Three coats of Butter London – No More Waity, Katie on top. We are in LOVE with this colour, it was definitely worth the wait, with its subtle purple glitters and soft base lavender it really is a colour that is needed in every collection.

Step 2: Once the colour has completely dried, pick which finger you would like to add your nail gems – you can add them to all five, just one, etc. We were headed out to a Christmas party and decided to go for the subtle one finger ring finger. Using a dotting tool, or any object with a small end, dip into top coat to pick up gem. Put a dot of top coat where you would like it placed on nail and put gem in place. For this nail art we used, small clear gems, tear drop clear gems, and silver studs. We clustered the jewels on the side of the nail with studs trailing down.

Step 3: When all gems are securely in place, use a good quality top coat over full nail – we always recommend Seche Vite. Diamond encrusted nails, they are a girls best friend.

This nail art is a little more on the difficult side, it takes a steady hand and some patience to place each gem, jewel and stud individually. Use as little or as much as you are comfortable with. We like this design because you can experiment with placement, multicoloured gems, number of nails used, etc. This will not be the last of our all our hoarding put to good use.

P.S. We’ll tumble for ya, we recently signed up for Tumblr & we are obsessed, follow us to see more from PYP & show us your favourite nail related pics!

  1. Nancy MacDonald says:

    Again…very beautifully done!!!

  2. I also think so, perfectly composed post!

  3. Hannah says:

    Reblogged this on My Blueberry Muffins and commented:
    Gorgeous! 🙂

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