On a recent trip to Sally’s we found nail sprinkles aka. nail studs, cue music  ‘All You Need is Love’, why haven’t we seen these before? we LOVE studs. If you follow any form of fashion, you’ll understand why, but this picture sort of sums it up. Add studs to anything wearable & it instantly goes from plain to exciting again. We couldn’t wait to try these out – even though they are individual metal balls, we thought they would be worth the time & patience (!!) it would take, luckily we were right!

Step 1. After applying base coat, apply China Glaze – Midtown Magic . This colour was from the Metro Downtown collection, every colour was a ‘must-have’ but we were especially drawn to this colour with its brown base & copper and gold flake highlights.

Step 2: After nail polish has dried completely, take a few of the nail studs and place them in the lid, or somewhere for easy access where they’re spaced out. Using a good quality top coat, we use Seche Vite, dip the end of a brush or dotting tool into the top coat and make a dot where you’d like to place the stud. The tool will still have some top coat left over on the end, use this to pick up the stud and place on your nail. Because you have put top coat on the base colour first, if you place the stud a little off, you can move it around without ruining the design. A good trick is to place the studs down the centre of the nail & then place next row in between that row. We are not even going to lie, this part is time-consuming and extremely tedious, but it’s worth the effort.

Step 3: We think this nail art looks best with one solid studded nail, while the others remain plain, highlighting the studded design. Let the studs set it place and when you are sure they are on there secure, apply TONS of topcoat over top of the studs and nail. The first time we tried this we didn’t put enough and woke up the next morning missing a couple.  This nail art was totally worth all the time and patience it took – they turned out so well. You can experiment with different designs with studs – single dots, single line, hearts, squares, etc. We can’t wait to try more designs with these nail sprinkles, one of the best things we’ve stumbled on in a long time!

  1. Danika says:

    These look great Danielle! I was at Michaels Craft store lastnight and they sell a set of Maryha Stewart Crafs metal microbeads in about 12-15 different colours. Reminded me of these! Also – the set was on sale 🙂

  2. Yes! Thanks for the tip, I’ll go stock up 🙂

  3. Marie Adoranti says:

    My absolute favourite so far! Keep up the good work!

  4. Sara says:

    Awesome! 😀

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