Our attraction to feathers is getting a little out of hand – feather earrings, feathered vest, feather hair extensions, it’s not too surprising they would end up on our nails. You can find bagged feathers anywhere from the Dollar Store to the black hole of craft stores aka. Micheal’s (for real, if we get out of there in under 1 hour it’s a miracle), but all of them work just the same. Try to find feathers that aren’t solid in colour, a little pattern will help with the design.

Step 1: After you apply a base coat, paint nails with OPI- Samoan Sand – this is one of our favourite neutrals & works perfect for ‘mannequin hands’.

Step 2: Cut the very tip of the feather off, leaving just the fanned out top, make sure it is still connected to the hard base that runs through the middle or you’ll be left with hundreds of little pieces of feather everywhere (we might know from experience). Apply feather to nail, with the base of the feather to the tip of your nail. This works best if applied when your nails haven’t completely dried. Cut excess feather that hangs over the edges to form fit nail.

Step 3: Apply a thick top coat, we recommend Seche Vite – this stuff is literally a miracle in a jar. We still get amazed every time we use it & our nails dry in under 30seconds. If you are even an occasional nail painter, we highly suggest it! We love the way these turned out, a neutral look with a little extra, not too over powering & matches everything! We came across so many different types of feathers at the craft store, some other ideas would be – peacock nails, a bright feather on a black or white base, two feathers per nail, etc – let the ideas fly (pun intended).

  1. ADRC (@ADRC) says:

    This is too cute. I have to go and find that top coat.

  2. ItsMeMaisie says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Wow! I can’t wait to try these! xo

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