After seeing the amazing nails walking down the runways at fashion week, we felt so inspired & couldn’t wait to try out some new nail art styles. Our absolute favourite was Jen Kao’s amphibian nails – a shocking blue with black gradient — we thought an easy way to replicate the airbrushed design would be with a make up sponge. Ombré nails step-by-step.

Step 1: apply base coat + 2 coats of Joe Fresh caramel. Let first colour slightly dry than tape around fingers for easy clean up. Cut make-up sponge into thin slices for application.

Step 2: Begin application with China Glaze Liquid Leather at tip, starting heavy & getting lighter closer to the base. Make sure tips are solid to complete ombre effect.

Step 3: Finish all fingers, once they have completely dried remove tape & apply quick dry top coat. Voilà – Jen Kao runway nails! 

12 Responses to “NAIL ART TUTORIAL: OMBRÉ”
  1. Pam says:

    I want to say this is my favorite nail art blog, even though there are not a lot of tutorials yet, it’s really good 🙂

  2. This is just stunning. Job well done!

  3. seampunk says:

    tried this and it’s not only super easy, it looks great! I used light blue as my base for a little more punch:)

  4. Raraavis says:

    Is there any way to clean these sponges and nail art brushes after use?

    • You can clean your nail art brushes using remover – you can soak them or scrub with a cotton pad. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to clean the nail polish off the sponges so we usually just buy a large bag from the $1 store.

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